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This is a library for allowing server and client side rendering of react components.

npm install react-view-engine --save

then in your express app.js

var engine = require('./react-view-engine');

//Use this function to initialize node-jsx, if your react files are .jsx

app.engine('js', engine.engine);

from then on you can use the normal res.render function of express.

The react view must be loaded normally to the clientside somewhere.

In your react view you must add the loadProps(View, View.displayName) if you want to load the view props on the clientside.

 * @jsx React.DOM

var React = require('react');

var ClientApp = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    return (
          <script src="/js/client.js"/>

module.exports = ClientApp;

if(typeof window != "undefined"){
  window.addEventListener('load', function(){
    loadProps(ClientApp, ClientApp.displayName)