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A library of React video player components that share a similar interface and makes it easy to work with various video platforms (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) and players, consistently in your site or application.


Via npm:

npm install --save react-video-players

Via Yarn:

yarn add react-video-players

Video Players

The goal of this library is to offer a variety of different player "types", while maintaining a similar/common interface across each component. Currently, there are three video player components available: VimeoPlayer, YouTubePlayer and VideoPlayer (standard <video> tag implemenation).

In addition to the three components, this library also include the High Order Component that the three players use, in the event you’d like to use that to build your own video player component.

Common Properties

  • aspectRatio:String - Used to calculate aspect ratio for the container so that video is displayed responsively.
  • config:Object - Optional config settings. See VimeoPlayer Props or YouTubePlayer Props
  • controls:Element - A React component that contains controls setup to control the video. See Player Controls
  • height:Number || String - Height of the player. Default 100%.
  • loop:Boolean - Whether or not the video should loop playback. Default false.
  • play:Boolean - Whether or not the video should play on load. Default false.
  • time:Number - Time to play when the player loads, or seek time if the player is already loaded. Default 0.
  • width:Number || String - Width of the player. Default 100%.


  • onEnded:Function - Callback when video playback has ended.
  • onError:Function - Callback when an error occurs within the player.
  • onPause:Function - Callback when video player is paused.
  • onPlay:Function - Callback when video player is played.
  • onReady:Function - Callback when video player is ready.
  • onTimeUpdate:Function - Callback when video player time updates.

Player Components


The VimeoPlayer component is a simple React wrapper around the standard Vimeo Player embed. For more informatin on how to work with the Vimeo Player directly, check out this repo, @vimeo/player.js, for more info and examples.

The VimeoPlayer component offers limited control of the player via the props on the component: loop, play, time and volume. I’m open to adding more access to some of the other methods available on the player via props, but to keep it simple I’ve started with these four.

  • config:Object - Options that are passed to the player on setup, Available embedOptions.
  • videoId:Number - ID of the Vimeo video you'd like to load in the player.
import {VimeoPlayer} from 'react-video-players';
  render() {
    return (
        <VimeoPlayer videoId="225408543" />


Similar to the VimeoPlayer component, the YouTubePlayer component is a simple React wrapper around the YouTube Player, allowing for basic control and configuration, allowing you to use it how you want within your React sites/applications.

  • config:Object - The config object is mapped to the playerVars property used when creating the player. Available playerVars.
  • playlist:String - An optional value that can be set when you would like to load a playlist into the player. This property is also set to the videoId when the loop flag has been set on the player (which is required for the YouTube Player to loop the video).
  • videoId:String - String to the YouTube video ID you would like to load in the player.
import {YouTubePlayer} from 'react-video-players';
  render() {
    return (
        <YouTubePlayer videoId="8gXpZmQ7j70" />


Just your plain ole’ <video> tag, wrapped in a similar interface to the other platform specific players. You could use this as is if you have direct access to video urls, or use it as a base for a more complex video player that you’re building in React.

  • config:Object - An object containing the additional attributes that are available for the <video> tag, but are not exposed via other props. (Ex. controls, poster, preload, etc.)
  • src:String - URL to video content.
import {VideoPlayer} from 'react-video-players';
  render() {
    return (
        <VideoPlayer src="[...your video source url...]" />

playerController (Higher Order Component)

Want to build your own embeddable player using a different providers player? No problem 😎

Included in this library is the a High Order Component that wraps all the players in this library, playerController. The playerController is responsible for wiring up the controls, along with handling some basic style and callback handling within video component instances so that we’re not repeating ourselves too much.

Feel free to use the playerController to write your own React video players that wrap embeddable players from other video providers. Also, if you end up writing a really awesome component for another provider, and you’d like to add it to this repo, just make a PR with your additions and I’ll check’em out and merge them in as soon as I can.


import React, {Component} from 'react';
import {playerController} from 'react-video-players';
class YourRadVideoPlayer extends Component {
export default playerController(YourRadVideoPlayer);

Player Controls

The controls property on the video player components makes it easy to compose controls in context with the video player and provide a simple way to keep controls in sync with the video state, while also providing callbacks that can be used to control video playback.


  • loop:Boolean - Loop status of video
  • play:Boolean - Playing status of video
  • time:Number - Current time of video
  • volume:Number - Current volume of video


  • onPause:Function - Callback to pause video
  • onPlay:Function - Callback to play video
  • onSeek:Function - Callback to seek video
  • onVolumeChange:Function - Callback to change the volume of video


MIT © Ryan Hefner


npm i react-video-players

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