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    This is a UI library created on the design language of bootstrap and Microsoft fluent UI

    This is built on top of Bootstrap and Fluent UI React (formerly Office UI Fabric React) which is a collection of robust React-based components designed to make it simple for you to create consistent web experiences using the Fluent Design Language. For information, see the Fluent UI website or Bootstrap website .

    This library has reusable of controls which will make onboarding of the application easier and faster.


    The package can be installed as an npm package using the following command:

     npm install --save react-ui-common-controls@latest


    Component Date Modified
    Accordion 2022-02-12
    AppWrapper 2022-01-23
    AutoComplete 2022-02-19
    AzureAD 2022-02-09
    ErrorBoundary 2022-01-23
    FileUpload 2022-01-23
    GridView 2022-02-07
    HighlightText 2022-01-23
    LanguageProvider 2022-01-23
    Logger 2022-01-23
    MicroFrontEnd 2022-02-05
    Pagination 2022-01-23
    PeoplePicker 2022-02-21
    TextEditor 2022-04-02
    ThemeProvider 2022-01-23
    Wizard 2022-01-23

    Release Notes

    For detailed release notes, please refer to our version history

    Code Repository

    Authors and Contributors

    The project is being initially developed and maintained by Chinmaya Kumar Panda.

    The contribution to this libray is open, so any contribution is very welcome. We welcome you to raise issues, add your new requirements or use cases, so that we will close them asap.

    For contributing to this library, please contact us.


    npm i react-ui-common-controls

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