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Tinted is a color harmony wheel. It helps you choose color combinations that create pleasing contrasts and feel harmonious.



# Install with yarn 
yarn add react-tinted
# Or install with NPM 
npm i react-tinted


import {TintedWheel, TintedPalette, colorModes} from 'react-tinted'
<div className='my-color-wheel'>
  <TintedWheel colorCount={5} mode={colorModes.ANALOGOUS}>
    <TintedPalette />
@use 'tinted/wheel';
@use 'tinted/palette';
.my-color-wheel {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;
  align-items: center;
  margin: auto;
  max-width: 400px;

A few things to note:

  • The wheel can be used without the palette, but it is recommended to use them together.
  • To make these abbreviated @use statements work, you will need to add node_modules to SASS' --load-path or sass-loader's includePaths. Alternatively, you could just path into node_modules explicitly.
  • If you're not using SASS in your project, we do provide compiled CSS files in the tinted/dist folder.

Custom Colors

You can initialize Tinted with a custom color set:

    {r: 0, g: 255, b: 0},
    {h: 220, s: 1, v: 1},
    {h: 300, s: 1, l: 0.5},
    'hsl(0, 100%, 50%)',
  <TintedPalette />



The color harmony wheel for the user to make a selection of colors.


Name Type Description
children React.Children Color wheel "plugins" like the TintedPalette
className string A class name to add to the root element
colorCount number The number of colors to use in the color harmony
initRoot color-like value The color that should initially be used to select other harmony colors
customColors color-like array Rather than specify a root color and a color count, you can pass an array of color-like objects and strings
mode string The color harmony mode. Determines how initRoot is used to find other colors
colorWheelImage string A URI to a color HSV color wheel image to use
onColorsChanged (hexColorStrings, currentMode, wheel) => void Callback invoked when the user manipulates the color markers
radius number The radius of the wheel in SVG coordinate units
markerWidth number The diameter of the markers used to select colors on the wheel in SVG coordinate units
markerOutlineWidth number The width of the outline of the color marker in SVG coordinate units
margin number The distance between the border of the <svg> and the circle of the wheel in SVG coordinate units. It is not recommended to pass this prop
baseClassName string The prefix for the class names for all generated elements. Overriding this will cause all provided CSS to no longer work. It is not recommended to pass this prop

Also spreads any other props passed on the root element.


A palette of colors to display the user's chosen values from the TintedWheel. For each color it:

  • Allows the user to change the value (or brightness -- "V" in the HSV color model) of the color
  • Displays the hex string value of the color


Name Description
children An element to be duplicated beneath each color in the palette
className A class name to add to the root element

Also spreads any other props passed on the root element.


Feel free to override any of the default styling as you please.

Out of the box, tinted supports a color scheme for a light and dark background, defaulting to the light background. To change it to expect a dark background, add a tinted--dark class to a parent element of the wheel and/or palette.

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