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    Composable React Timer component that passes status props to children, in addition to some basic callbacks. Can be used at a countdown timer ⏲ or as stopwatch ⏱ to track time while active.


    Via npm

    npm install --save react-timer-wrapper

    Via Yarn

    yarn add react-timer-wrapper

    How to use

    The Timer can be used in a couple different ways. You could use it as a standalone timer and setup callbacks to trigger things to happen in your project. Or, wrap child components in Timer component, where those children will receive props passed in by the Timer.

    It can be used as a countdown timer, which will fire the onFinish event upon completion. Or, you can use it to track the time that occurs while it’s active.


    • active:Boolean - Start/stop the timer. (Default: false)
    • component:String | Element - Element or React component used to render/wrap the children. (Default: div)
    • duration:Number - Enables countdown mode and is the number of milliseconds to count before firing onFinish. (Default: 10000)
    • loop:Boolean - Enable looping of the countdown timer. (Default: false)
    • time:Number - Either used as a time offset for the duration when used as a countdown timer, or the initial time to start from when used for tracking time. (Default: 0)
    • onFinish:Function - Callback fired when the timer has finished. (Fired in countdown mode only)
    • onStart:Function - Callback fired when the timer is started.
    • onStop:Function - Callback fired when the timer is stopped.
    • onTimeUpdate:Function - Callback fired when time updates.



    import Timer from 'react-timer-wrapper';
      onTimerStart({duration, progress, time}) {
      onTimerStop({duration, progress, time}) {
      onTimerTimeUpdate({duration, progress, time}) {
      onTimerFinish({duration, progress, time}) {
      render() {
        const {
        } = this.state;
        return (

    With children

    import Timer from 'react-timer-wrapper';
    import CircleIndicator from 'react-indicators';
      render() {
        const {
        } = this.state;
        return (
          <Timer active={timerShouldRun}>
            <CircleIndicator />


    The Timer allows you to easily compose components that provide a visual status of the timer. Each children receives the following props that you can use to communicate the status of the timer.

    • duration:Number - Duration of the countdown timer. (Available for countdown timers only, null passed when used for time tracking)
    • progress:Number - Current percentage of timer complete. (Available for countdown timers only, null passed when used for time tracking)
    • time:Number - Current time on the timer in milliseconds.

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    MIT © Ryan Hefner


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