A simple Time-Ago component for ReactJs

A simple time-ago component for ReactJs.

React-timeago is a very simple component that takes a date prop and returns a span with live updating date in a time-ago format.

TimeAgo({date:'Aug 29, 2014'});

IMPORTANT : If you're using React >= 0.12 without JSX, you have to create a factory for the component yourself :

var TimeAgo = React.createFactory(require('react-timeago'));

Date is a date in the past or the future. This can be a Date Object, A UTC datestring or number of milliseconds since epoch time.

React-Timeago is live by default and will auto update it's value. However, if you don't want this behaviour, you can set live:false.

React-TimeAgo focusses on speed, and simplicity. At less than 100 lines of code, the file size is extremely small. There are many similar libraries, but most of them come with large dependencies that usually isn't worth such a simple use-case

React-TimeAgo is also set apart from its competitors in that it is one of the only time-ago components that updates itself live.

If this is not for you, please looks at the alternatives out there.

While the code is complete and pretty stable, I welcome issues and pull requests.

New features will be considered if they don't stray from the goals of the project - Keep it simple to use and don't over-complicate the configuration.

I will try my best to follow SemVer, and make React-TimeAgo completely dependable

Support for passing functions to customize format of the output.