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Animate your text changes


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npm install -S react-text-transition

Using the demo

npm run dev

How to use


import React from 'react';
import TextTransition, { presets } from 'react-text-transition';

const TEXTS = ['Forest', 'Building', 'Tree', 'Color'];

const App = () => {
  const [index, setIndex] = React.useState(0);

  React.useEffect(() => {
    const intervalId = setInterval(
      () => setIndex((index) => index + 1),
      3000, // every 3 seconds
    return () => clearTimeout(intervalId);
  }, []);

  return (
      <TextTransition springConfig={presets.wobbly}>{TEXTS[index % TEXTS.length]}</TextTransition>


Prop Type Default Definition
direction String (enum) 0 Used to determine the direction of the transition "up" or "down" (Must be an all-lowercase string).
inline Boolean false Makes the wrapper inline (will auto resize based on contents).
delay Number 0 Delay the transition of the text (in milliseconds).
springConfig Object { mass: 1, tension: 170, friction: 26 } react-spring's spring configuration.
className String "" Any css classes that you might want to send to the wrapper.
style React.CSSProperties {} Any styles that you might want to send to the wrapper.
children React.ReactNode REQUIRED The react node to be animated
translateValue string "100%" Transform value for determine height animation

Detailed Props

inline Boolean

Will simply make the wrapper an inline element and animate its width based on currently showing text, this is useful if you want to show some other static text on the same line.

delay Number

The amount of miliseconds to wait before transitioning.

spring Object

react-spring's Spring configuration (Refer to the configs section) react-spring's spring presets are exposed as presets.

import TextTransition, { presets } from 'react-text-transition';

// in your render method
<TextTransition springConfig={presets.wobbly}>{this.state.text}</TextTransition>;

You have the following presets

  • default The default.
  • gentle
  • wobbly
  • stiff
  • slow
  • molasses

className String

Any css classes that you might want to provide to the wrapper.

style React.CSSProperties

Any css styles that you might want to provide to the wrapper.


Feel free to ask any questions about using this component. This plugin requires react +16.8

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