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Shockwave Flash Player component for React. GCC ADVANCED optimizations compatible.

Supports all browsers supported by React. ReactSWFCompat is required to support IE8-9.

Depends on and Object.assign()

Use SWFPlayerVersion to determine SWF Player support.

  flashVars={{foo: 'A', bar: 1}}
const SWF_ID_PREFIX = '__MyExternalInterfaceExample_SWFID_';
const SWF_CALL_NAME_PREFIX = '__MyExternalInterfaceExample_SWFCall_';
let nextUID = 0;
class MyExternalInterfaceExample extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    // For most purposes nextUID is sufficient. However, if you rely on
    // non-trivial server rendering you must generate deterministic UIDs per
    // React root to avoid markup mismatch.
    this._uid = nextUID++;
    window[SWF_CALL_NAME_PREFIX + this._uid] = this.handleSWFCall.bind(this);
  componentWillUnmount() {
    delete window[SWF_CALL_NAME_PREFIX + this._uid];
  handleSWFCall() {
    // Beware; SWF calls are executed in the context of SWF Player.
    console.log('SWFCall', arguments);
    return 'foobar';
  invokeSWFMyCallback(arg) {
    // Beware; SWF Player does not sufficiently escape serialized arguments.
    return this._swfPlayerNode.myCallback(arg);
  render() {
    // Globally unique ID is required for ExternalInterface callbacks in IE<11.
    return (
        ref={c => this._swfPlayerNode = c}
        id={SWF_ID_PREFIX + this._uid}
        flashVars={{myCallbackName: SWF_CALL_NAME_PREFIX + this._uid}}


ReactSWFCompat (require('react-swf/compat')) also supports IE8-9, but should only be used if you must support these browsers. Internally it uses ReactDOMServer.renderToString to render to markup and then immediately ReactDOM.render on-top of that. There may be some behavioral differences in edge-cases but overall it should behave just the same. Due to the design of React you are required to provide a container element, the SWF-markup will be rendered inside.

  container={<div style={{background: '#cccccc'}} />}
  flashVars={{foo: 'A', bar: 1}}

Breaking changes


  • IE8-9 is no longer supported due to issues with the new DOM renderer in React 15. ReactSWFCompat has been introduced as a workaround to this.


  • getFPVersion and isFPVersionSupported forked to SWFPlayerVersion and dropped from ReactSWF. Replace ReactSWF.getFPVersion => SWFPlayerVersion.get and ReactSWF.isFPVersionSupported => SWFPlayerVersion.isSupported.



  • React 0.13 components no longer support ref.getDOMNode(), use ref.getFPDOMNode() instead.
  • Depends on, polyfills are available.


Standard DOM properties are forwarded to the underlying <object>.

Changes to props cannot be and are not reflected by an already mounted SWF (except for width and height). You must manually provide a computed key to ensure the component is reset when appropriate. Beware, this also applies to src.

src {string} [required]
width {number}
height {number}
flashVars {object|string} - {key: {string}}, "key=value&..."
allowFullScreen {boolean} - true, false*
allowFullScreenInteractive {boolean} - true, false*
allowNetworking {enum} - all*, internal, none
allowScriptAccess {enum} - always, sameDomain*, never
align {enum} - l, t, r
base {string}
bgcolor {string} - #RRGGBB
browserZoom {enum} - scale*, noscale
fullScreenAspectRatio {enum} - portrait, landscape
loop {boolean} - true*, false
menu {boolean} - true*, false
play {boolean} - true*, false
quality {enum} - low, autolow, autohigh, medium, high, best
salign {enum} - l, t, r, tl, tr
scale {enum} - default*, noborder, exactfit, noscale
seamlessTabbing {boolean} - true*, false
wmode {enum} - window*, direct, opaque, transparent, gpu

Detailed explanation of most properties found at [Flash OBJECT and EMBED tag attributes].


Instance methods

  returns {?DOMNode} Flash Player object DOM node.

  Returns the Flash Player object DOM node.
  Should be prefered over `React.findDOMNode`.

AS3 ExternalInterface

Security flaws

Escape object key characters for FP:
"&" => "&amp;"
"<" => "&lt;"
"\"" => "&quot;"

Escape object key characters for JS:
"\r" => "\\r"
"\"" => "\\\""
+ wrap key string with "\""
identifiers with keyword names must also be quoted for JS

Escape string characters for JS:
0x005C => "\\\\" (Backslash)
0x2028 => "\\u2028" (Line separator)
0x2029 => "\\u2029" (Paragraph separator)

Invalid UTF8 characters for FP and JS:
0x0000        (NULL character)
0xD800-0xDFFF (Non private use surrogates)
0xFDD0-0xFDEF (Non-characters)
0xFFFE-0xFFFF (Non-characters)
remove or replace with "\uFFFD" (replacement character)
can only be produced by String.fromCharCode(c) in FP, not "\uXXXX" (exception: 0x0000)

This list may be incomplete.


Returned strings should be encoded using StringForJS.encode.

You must provide a unique DOM id to ReactSWF for IE8-10.

<ReactSWF id="my_guid_123" ... />

String arguments should be encoded using StringForJS.encode.


The Flash run-time does not sufficiently encode strings passed to JavaScript. This can cause run-time errors, string corruption or character substitution to occur. Encoded strings are transparently decoded by the JavaScript run-time.

public class StringForJS {
  private static var UNSAFE_CHARS_REGEX:RegExp = new RegExp(
    // NULL-char (0x00) and backslash (0x5C)
    "[\\x00\\\\" +
    // Line separator (0x2028), paragraph separator (0x2029)
    "\u2028-\u2029" +
    // Non private use surrogates (0xD800 - 0xDFFF)
    String.fromCharCode(0xD800) + "-" + String.fromCharCode(0xDFFF) +
    // Non-characters (0xFDD0 - 0xFDEF)
    String.fromCharCode(0xFDD0) + "-" + String.fromCharCode(0xFDEF) +
    // Non-characters (0xFFFE + 0xFFFF)
    String.fromCharCode(0xFFFE) + String.fromCharCode(0xFFFF) + "]",
  private static function unsafeCharEscaper():String {
    switch (arguments[0]) {
      case "\u0000": return "\\0";
      case "\u005C": return "\\\\";
      case "\u2028": return "\\u2028";
      case "\u2029": return "\\u2029";
      default:       return "\uFFFD";
  // Encode unsafe strings for use with ExternalInterface. Invalid characters
  // are substituted by the Unicode replacement character.
  public static function encode(value:String):String {
    return value.replace(UNSAFE_CHARS_REGEX, unsafeCharEscaper);

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