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    React Static

    A progressive static-site generator for React.

    Read the introduction article on Medium

    React-Static is a fast, lightweight, and powerful framework for building static-progressive React applications and websites. It's been carefully designed to meet the highest standards of SEO, site performance, and user/developer experience.


    • ⚛️ 100% React (or Preact!)
    • 🚀 Blazing fast builds and performance.
    • 🚚 Data Agnostic. Supply your site with data from anywhere, however you want.
    • ✂️ Automatic code and data splitting for routes!
    • 💥 Instant page views via PRPL pattern.
    • 🎯 Built for SEO.
    • 🥇 React-first developer experience.
    • 😌 Painless project setup & migration.
    • 💯 Supports 100% of the React ecosystem. Including CSS-in-JS libraries, custom Query layers like GraphQL, and even Redux.
    • 🔥 Hot Reloadable out-of-the-box. Edit React components & styles in real-time.
    • 📲 LAN accessible dev environment for testing on other devices like phones and tablets.

    Videos & Tutorials

    Sites Built with React-Static

    Quick Start

    1. Install the CLI:
    $ yarn global add react-static
    # or 
    $ npm install -g react-static
    1. Create a new project:
    $ react-static create
    1. Pick a template! See the full list of templates
    2. Navigate to your new project:
    cd my-static-site
    1. Start the dev server and edit some code!
    $ yarn start # or react-static start 
    1. Test a production build
    $ yarn stage # or react-static build --staging 
    $ yarn serve
    1. Build for production!
    $ yarn build # or react-static build 

    Once you've installed and test driven sufficiently, you may want to:

    Examples and Templates

    All of the following examples can be used as a template at project creation.

    Can't find an example? We invite you to write one! Simply copy the basic or blank templates and make the necessary changes. Then submit a PR including your new example directory and a new item in the list above. When merged, your example will automatically become a template in the CLI. How magical!


    Core Concepts

    API Reference


    Contributing Guide

    Chat with us on Slack!

    Need some help? Have a quick question? Click here to sign up for the React-Tools slack org, and join us in the #react-static channel! We are constantly answering questions, discussing features and helping each other out!


    We are always looking for people to help us grow react-static's capabilities and examples. If you have an issue, feature request, or pull request, let us know!


    React Static uses the MIT license. For more information on this license, click here.




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