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    React serverside wrapper

    For server-side react rendering. Passes properties set on the server to the client and binds your React component javascript to the DOM

    Why do I need this?

    React components are fed an initial set of properties (props). There are many different ways to set these properties for your base component, they could be passed via the DOM, hardcoded in your javascript app etc.

    This becomes a more complicated problem when server-side rendering is involved. You'd ideally want your initial properties to come from your server-side code and be fed directly into your component for render. Projects like python-react do a great job of this, you can feed data from your python app directly into your server rendered react components.

    The only problem with this approach is syncing the props set on the server-side render with the props set for the initial client side render. This is what react-serverside-wrapper will take care of.

    How it works

    react-serverside-wrapper outputs a script tag to your page containing all of the initial properties of the component as set in your server-side render. This script tag will appear in your page source so that when your component js runs, it can find the matching script tag and grab the initial props.

    <script type="application/json" id="my-component_props">
            "property2": true


    npm install --save react-serverside-wrapper

    How to use

    Note that the server-side renderer and this example are using ES6. If you can't support ES6 in your environment this should be very straightforward to rewrite in ES5.

    This code assumes that there is a div on the page with the id 'my-component' eg: <div id="my-component"></div>. Your server-side render should be building the component within this div.

    import ServersideWrapper from 'react-serverside-wrapper';
    class MyComponent extends React.Component {
        render() {
            return (
        component: MyComponent,
        domElement: 'my-component'
    export default MyComponent;


    The inspiration for this project came from this great article. This is a really good read if you are new to react server-side rendering


    npm i react-serverside-wrapper

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