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If you are interested in my development process, you may read it, I believe you will gain something

scroll view, Inside scroll, Full page scroll, Nesting ScrollView


npm install react-scroll-paged-view --save


Support React(web) & React Native(RN)
Full-page scrolling and in-page scrolling
iOS RN code is perfectly supported. Android provides native package support. Based on RN ScrollView, some code changes are supported
There is no combination of internal scrolling and page scrolling in open source RN projects. Write this component based on need
In addition, the core functional module ViewPaged is also available for use
ScrollView component that provides subassembly packaging that can optionally be used
All pagination loads on demand, don't worry about initial rendering
Infinite pagination is also lazy, minimizing the current index page, even when switching quickly
RN and web animation based on animated library, sharing a set of code processing
Provides renderHeader and renderFooter for tab switching or carousel graphics, etc.
Both components of the web version provide a class variable isTouch for judging whether it is a touch event, thereby distinguishing the scrolling triggered click event.
Support for ssr, 2.1+ version removes the initial measurement size caused by repeated creation and destruction of components, better performance
2.1.3+ version uses ScrollView as a scrolling container when scrolling horizontally and not infinitely, so subviews can be scrolled vertically using ScrollView


Compatible version "react-native": "~0.54.0"
The react native 0.47 version uses the 0.1.* version
Has been perfectly compatible with the above RN version, directly install the latest package
Click events that do not appear in the internal ScrollView component can be replaced with onPressIn
infinite and autoPlay are only available to the ViewPaged component, ScrollPagedView will turn off this option by default


IOS Android Web
IOS Android Web


What you can achieve depends on what you can imagine.

Horizontal Tab Carousel
Horizontal Tab Carousel



The ScrollPagedView component encapsulates the inner scrolling component based on the ViewPaged component and uses it through the context.

import ScrollPagedView from 'react-scroll-paged-view'
import InsideScrollView from './InsideScrollView'
    _onChange = (pageIndex) => {
    render() {
        return (
                <InsideScrollView />
                <InsideScrollView />
                <InsideScrollView />

Context ScrollView(InsideScrollView)

    static contextTypes = {
        ScrollView: PropTypes.func,
    render() {
        const ScrollView = this.context.ScrollView
        return (


The ViewPaged component is consistent with the ScrollPagedView component and is free to use infinite and autoPlay.

import { ViewPaged } from 'react-scroll-paged-view'

Export module

  • default - ScrollPagedView
  • ViewPaged



The ScrollPagedView component is based on the ViewPaged component, which can be passed to the props of the ViewPaged as needed. Refer to the props of the ViewPaged component below.

Name propType default value description
withRef bool false Get ViewPaged instance ref, through the component's getViewPagedInstance method

Context ScrollView

Name propType default value description
nativeProps(native only) object {} RN scrollView Props
webProps(web only) object {} Web scrollView Props


RN and web have the same props and the performance is consistent

Common Props

Name propType default value description
style object {} ViewPaged style
initialPage number 0 Initial page index
vertical bool true Whether to switch the view vertically
onChange function () => {} Switch paging callbacks, The parameters are currentPage and prevPage
duration number 400 Animation duration(In milliseconds)
infinite bool false Whether it is an infinite scroll view
renderHeader function/element undefined Header Component, The parameters are activeTab, goToPage, width, pos
renderFooter function/element undefined Footer Component, The parameters are activeTab, goToPage, width, pos
renderPosition string top Header/Footer direction, There are 4 values, 'top', 'left', 'bottom', 'right'
autoPlay bool false Whether to auto rotate
autoPlaySpeed number 2000 Automatic carousel interval (In milliseconds)
hasAnimation bool true Click to switch whether there is an animation
locked bool false Whether to allow drag toggle
preRenderRange number 0 Control the scope of the render component each time it is updated
isMovingRender bool false Preload the next page when you touch Move

RN Only Props

Name propType default value description
onStartShouldSetPanResponder function () => true Reference React Native website gesture response system
onStartShouldSetPanResponderCapture function () => false Reference React Native website gesture response system
onMoveShouldSetPanResponder function () => true Reference React Native website gesture response system
onMoveShouldSetPanResponderCapture function () => false Reference React Native website gesture response system
onPanResponderTerminationRequest function () => true Reference React Native website gesture response system
onShouldBlockNativeResponder function () => true Reference React Native website gesture response system
onPanResponderTerminate function () => {} Reference React Native website gesture response system


  • Optimize scroll region index, use proxy scrollView to complete
  • Android compatible React Native different versions
  • Support web side components
  • Optimize web side components
  • Optimize web infinite scrolling
  • Perfect web-side ViewPaged
  • Optimize structure, code, unified naming
  • Uniformly compatible with different versions of React Native
  • Record development process
  • Perfect RN end ViewPaged achieves consistency with web performance
  • More props configuration


  • 0.1.*
  • 1.0.*
  • 1.1.*
  • 1.2.*
  • 1.3.*
  • 1.5.*
  • 1.6.*
  • 2.0.*
  • 2.1.*


  • Overall refactoring project to improve code reuse for web-side refactoring
  • Added dependency package animated, smoother animation and better performance
  • Use hoc to maximize the reuse of three-terminal public code, each side only retains the code of its own platform
  • Unify the props on the RN and web, and make them consistent
  • Support for ssr server rendering


  • Unified RN and web render methods for ssr
  • A separate render when removing the initial measurement component size
  • Avoid sub-components to be created and destroyed repeatedly, with better performance


  • Remove configuration files such as. babelrc from the uploaded NPM package, react native will use the Babel configuration in the package, and failing to install these configuration dependencies will report errors


  • Optimize code structure, precisely control component render times, improve page performance, and provide preload and render scope props


npm i react-scroll-paged-view

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