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React hook to dynamically load an external script and know when its loaded


// with npm
npm install react-script-hook

// with yarn
yarn add react-script-hook

How to use

import React from 'react';
import { StripeProvider } from 'react-stripe-elements';
import useScript from 'react-script-hook';

import MyCheckout from './my-checkout';

function App() {
    const [loading, error] = useScript({ src: '' });

    if (loading) return <h3>Loading Stripe API...</h3>;
    if (error) return <h3>Failed to load Stripe API: {error.message}</h3>;

    return (
        <StripeProvider apiKey="pk_test_6pRNASCoBOKtIshFeQd4XMUh">
            <MyCheckout />

export default App;

Use with callbacks

    src: '',
    onload: () => console.log('Script loaded!'),

Check for Existing

The hook automatically handles when the script was already loaded (or started loading) from another instance of the hook. So you can safely add identical useScript hooks to multiple components that depend on the same external script, and they will properly block on the loading of only one copy.

If you're in an environment where the script may have already been loaded in some other way (not from this hook), pass an checkForExisting flag of true. In this case, the hook will ensure the script is placed on the page only once by querying for script tags with the same src. Useful for SSR or SPAs with client-side routing.

const [loading, error] = useScript({
    src: '',
    checkForExisting: true,

Conditionally calling a script

If you want to conditionally call a script you can do so by setting the src value to either the script or null. Note that the script is not removed if the src is set to null after it was previously set to a value causing the script to be appended.

const [loading, error] = useScript({
    /** Only append stripeJS script when shouldLoadStripe is true */
    src: shouldLoadStripe ? '' : null,




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