Integration between React Router and React-Bootstrap


Integration between React Router and React-Bootstrap.

Wrap your React-Bootstrap element in a LinkContainer to make it behave like a React Router Link:

<LinkContainer to={{ pathname: '/foo', query: { bar: 'baz' } }}>

To disable the element and the link, set the disabled prop on the LinkContainer. For the equivalent of IndexLink, use IndexLinkContainer.

As with React Router's Link, returning false from an onClick handler on LinkContainer will prevent the transition. However, this behavior will not apply to any onClick on the child, which instead will have to call event.preventDefault() explicitly to prevent the transition.

Note: Releases from v0.20.0 onward only support React Router v2.x. For React Router 1.x support, use v0.19.3 or earlier.

npm install react-router-bootstrap

You will also want to have React Router and React-Bootstrap.

npm install react-router react-bootstrap