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React Resumable JS

Creates an uploader component in React, to use with Resumable JS.


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On file added, the upload will begin.




npm i react-resumable-js


  • uploaderID The uploader ID. Ex: "image-upload"
  • dropTargetID The dropTarget ID. Ex: "myDropTarget"
  • fileAccept content type file accept on input file Ex: 'image/*'
  • filetypes The allowed files extensions to upload. Ex: "['jpg', 'png']"
  • maxFileSize The allowed file size for upload. Is expressed in bytes. Default is: 10240000 (10mb).
  • onMaxFileSizeErrorCallback Usefull to use with the above param, and take the exception for use as you want.
  • fileAddedMessage The message to print when file is added. Optional. Ex: 'Starting....'
  • completedMessage The message to print when file is completely uploaded. Optional. Ex: 'Completed!'
  • service The service that will receive the file. Ex: ''
  • textLabel The label of the upload. Ex: 'What photo do you want to add?'
  • previousText A Text that will be displayed before the component. Optional.
  • disableDragAndDrop True to disable Drag and Drop. Enable by default.
  • showFileList Show or hide the filelist of uploaded files. accept boolean value
  • onUploadErrorCallback Function to call on Upload error. @returns file and message
  • onFileAddedError Function to call on File Added error. @returns file and errorCount
  • onFileRemoved Function to call on File Removed. @return file object
  • headerObject Optional, if you need to add a headers object.
  • onFileSuccess Method to call when file is upload. Usually a method to set the filename that was uploaded by the component.
  • disableInput Boolean to disable or enable input file. Send true to disable, false otherwise.
  • maxFiles Indicates how many files can be uploaded in a single session. Valid values are any positive integer and undefined for no limit. (Default: undefined)
  • fileNameServer Indicate the fileNameServer Object if the server return an object. Ex {file:"image.jpg"}, so the fileNameServer is "file"
  • tmpDir path to render the preview image on the filelist, if the tmpDir is not set the preview will be a base64encode image ( low performance ). We recommend set the tmpDir
  • chunkSize The size in bytes of each uploaded chunk of data (Default: 110241024)
  • simultaneousUploads Number of simultaneous uploads (Default: 1)
  • fileParameterName The name of the multipart POST parameter to use for the file chunk (Default: file)
  • generateUniqueIdentifier Override the function that generates unique identifiers for each file. (Default: null)
  • maxFilesErrorCallback A function which displays the please upload n file(s) at a time message. (Default: displays an alert box with the message Please n one file(s) at a time.)
  • startButton Boolean value to show the start button
  • pauseButton Boolean value to show the pause button
  • cancelButton Boolean value to show the cancel button
  • forceChunkSize Boolean value to force size of a chunk. (Default: false)


  • build: last deploy build
  • example: webpack dev server to run the demo
    • server: nodejs server to upload the files
  • src: source code


export default class ExampleForm extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
  render() {
      return (
          <p>You can add other inputs, selects or stuff right here to complete a form.</p>
            filetypes={["jpg", "png"]}
            textLabel="Uploaded files"
            previousText="Drop to upload your media:"
            onFileSuccess={(file, message) => {
              console.log(file, message);
            onFileAdded={(file, resumable) => {
            onStartUpload={() => {
                console.log("Start upload");
            onCancelUpload={() => {
                this.inputDisable = false;
            onPauseUpload={() =>{
                this.inputDisable = false;
            onResumeUpload={() => {
                this.inputDisable = true;


npm run demo

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npm i react-resumable-js

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