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    React-Responsive-Gallery - Responsive Gallery for react application.

    Main features

    • Custom for every screen width size.
    • Dynamic properties for every screen width size.
    • Images could be selected and controlled/uncontrolled easily.
    • Simple to use.
    • Work with lightbox for image display.
    • Full typescript support.
    • Tested with React Testing Library.

    Getting started

     npm install react-responsive-gallery


     yarn add react-responsive-gallery


    Try out the live gallery demo . (it's take few seconds until app is loading)
    * Some of the gallery features are not available in the live demo : cols padding , imagesStyle and images order(s,m,l).


    You can play with the library in Codesandbox or in Stackblitz .

    Basic using example

    import React from 'react';
    import { render } from 'react-dom';
    import ResponsiveGallery from 'react-responsive-gallery';
    const images=[
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    src: ''
    <ResponsiveGallery images={images}/>,

    Width groups explanation

    The Gallery has 6 different of width groups: xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl .
    The Gallery renders again when the group changes.
    You can change the group sizes by your preferences , the default group values are:

    • xs: From 0 to 420px

    • s: From 420px to 600px

    • m: From 600px to 768px

    • l: From 768px to 992px

    • xl: From 992px to 1200px

    • xxl: From 1200px to infinity

    *You don't need to specify 'xxl' in your 'screenWidthSizes' object because it's take your max 'xl' group value until infinity.

    Gallery options

    Property Type Description Default value is Required
    images Array Array of images to display in the gallery. Read more here None Required
    screenWidthSizes Object Gallery groups width break points. {xs: 420,s: 600,m: 768,l: 992,xl: 1200} Optional
    numOfImagesPerRow Object Number of images for row by the width groups. {xs: 1,s: 2,m: 3,l: 3,xl: 4 xxl:5} Optinal
    imageMaxWidth Object Image max width in % by the width groups. {xs: 100,s: 100,m: 100,l: 100,xl: 100,xxl:100} Optional
    colsPadding Object Padding between images cols in px by the width groups. {xs: 4,s: 4,m: 4,l: 4,xl: 4,xxl:4} Optional
    imagesPaddingBottom Object Padding bottom between images in px by the width groups. {xs: 4,s: 4,m: 4,l: 4,xl: 4,xxl:4} Optional
    imagesStyle Object / String Style that will apply on all the images on gallery None Optional
    useLightBox Boolean Use lightbox when clicking on image false Optional
    lightBoxAdditionalProps object Additional props for the lightbox component. Read more here false Optional
    selectable boolean Images could be selectable. Read more here false Optional
    selectableItems Array Chosen images as part of the selectable items. None Optional
    onSelect Function - (id:string,val:boolean)=>void Callback function when image is selected. None Optional

    Images Options

    Property Type Description is Required
    src String Image source url Required
    id String Image Id(Read more here) Optional
    orderS Number Image order in small group sizes(xs, s) Optional
    orderM Number Image order in meduim group sizes (m,l) Optional
    orderL Number Image order in large group sizes(xl,xxl) Optional
    imgClassName Object / String Image style object/string for styling specific image Optional
    lightboxCaption String Lightbox image caption Optional
    lightboxTitle String Lightbox image title Optional

    ⚠️ if you set orderS/orderL/orderM property only to part of the images the library first sorts the images with the property and then renders the other images.

    Selectable Images

    Images could be selected via the gallery.

    The library expose function and hook to manage the images:
    getSelectedImages- function that return id's array of the selected images.
    useSelect- hook that return id's array of the selected images , then we could listen to changes in the images if needed.
    This hook will work as expected only AFTER the dom is initialized with the images.

    You can control the selected images yourself in your component or just get the images using function/hook.
    Uncontrolled - The library will manage the selected images and you will get them using the getSelectedImages function. To use that functionally you just need to pass the selectable boolean attribute to the library.
    Controlled - You will manage the selected images yourself using selectableItems and onSelect functions.

    ⚠️ If you will not pass the image id property to the image element the selected image will return as URL representation instead of id representation. In the case of a duplicate image URL, this feature will not work as expected.
    ⚠️ When passing the onSelect function to the library it's automatically move to Uncontrolled mode and will not manage the selected images any more.

    Using Lightbox

    You can use lightbox when clicking on one of the images that display on the gallery. For the lightbox component library we use the react-image-lightbox library.
    You can sent the props from this library and to send them as prop to library called 'lightBoxAdditionalProps'. If you want to pass image caption and title you can pass that via the img props.

    Author Ori Amir

    Bugs and Feedback For bugs, questions and discussions please use the Github Issues.

    License React Responsive Gallery is free to use for personal and commercial projects under the MIT License. ```


    npm i react-responsive-gallery

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