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A no hassle react display for a card using only the css from jessepollak's Card ( This does not use the javascript from this project, it is only to display static cards. If you need it to be interactive, I suggest using another project for this (


Attempts to make a best effort to scale the card. Look below for information on how to override this.



npm install react-plastic


import React from 'react';
import Plastic from 'react-plastic';
export const ShowCard = () => (
    name="Peter Sagan"

That's it! Depending on your setup, the CSS should be pulled in automagically.


  • type - A string for the name that should appear on the card.
    • supported cards:
    • any other value will appear as the default unknown card
  • expiry - A string for the expiration date that should appear on the card
    • accepts either: 02/2020 or 02/20.
  • number - A string for the card number that should appear on the card
  • name - A string for the name that should appear on the card
  • cvc - A string for the cvc that should appear front and back of the card
  • back - A boolean to show the back of the card


To override, you should be able to override the css for:

@media (max-width: <SIZE>px) { .card-wrapper {} }


If for some reason your styling isn't working, you may need to include:



James Armstead


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This project is licensed under the MIT License

Proudly written in Des Moines, Iowa.