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isomorphic/universal react app for high performance mobile web application. Multi-page architecture without heavy react-router.

Technology Stack:

  • react
  • redux
  • immutableJS (optional)
  • express
  • ES2015
  • webpack 2.0 (tree shaking optimization, see: webpack tree shaking) We've done a lot of optimization in build performance, so you no longer have to wait anxiously
  • babel 6
  • Service Worker cache static files
  • Web Security support

Before Start

  • we recommend using ES6 module for tree shaking optimization.


  • npm install react-ocean
  • npm run build:dev // for development
    • contains 'in-line-source-map' for debugging
    • redux-logger
    • redux-dev-tool(window.devToolsExtension)
    • 'why-did-you-update' avoidable re-render checking
    • react hot module replacing
  • npm run build:prod // for production
  • npm run build:lib // build libs file
  • npm run build // both
  • npm run start // start server

How To Add A Page?

For Server Side

  • register server route
    router.get('/', getIndex);
  • define appName and renderData for server render
    module.exports = function (req, res, next) {
            component: <Page/>,
            locals: {
                appName: 'index',
                title: 'index page'
            data: fakeData,

For Client

  • add a client page whose name is the same as appName
        component: <Page/>


  • todos
  • async action
  • chat room


  • add docker support
  • add cli tool