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react-native-weather: A dynamic weather component for React Native apps

react-native-weather provides a React Native <WeatherWidget /> component that takes in props and generates a widget containing the current weather conditions, temperature, and chance of precipitation for a given location via the weather API.

In order to use this widget, you will need a API key. Click here to sign up for a DarkSky API key.

Table of Contents

  1. Installation

  2. Usage

  3. Optional Props

  4. Example Usage

  5. Credits

  6. Contribute!


npm i --save react-native-weather


To use the WeatherWidget, import the WeatherWidget from 'react-native-weather', placing curly braces around WeatherWidget in your import statement:

import { WeatherWidget } from 'react-native-weather';

Then place the <WeatherWidget /> component in your render(){ return(); } method, passing your API key, your latitude (lat), and your longitude(lng) through it as props:

render() {

<WeatherWidget /> should have a parent view with a style prop of Flex: 1.

Note re: lat & lng

Northern latitudes and eastern longitudes are positive values, while southern latitudes and western longitudes are negative(-) values.

i.e.: If the location you are passing through the widget is in the northwestern hemisphere, you will pass it through as: lat={"val"} lng={"-val"}.

Optional Props

<WeatherWidget /> also accepts the optional prop location={"location"}, which will render a string in the left title area of the widget.

If you do not pass a location prop through WeatherWidget, the default text for the widget title area will read "Current Weather".

Example Usage

The following is an example of the <WeatherWidget /> in use in the Elephant Swamp Guide iOS and Android mobile app.

The Weather Widget in use in the Elephant Swamp Guide app

Please feel free to email me ( screenshots of react-native-weather in use in your app and I will post links/screenshots here!


react-native-weather was coded by Nick West

react-native-weather was built for use with the Weather API

react-native-weather uses Allessio Atzeni's Meteocons


If you would like to contribute code to react-native-weather, contact me at with your component and improvement ideas or open up an issue to get my attention!


npm i react-native-weather

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