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    A component that encapsulates Trello's API token-based authentication to grant third-party applications access to the Trello API.


    This library is available on npm, install it with: npm install --save react-native-trello-login or yarn add react-native-trello-login.


    1. Import react-native-trello-login

    import TrelloLogin from "react-native-trello-login";

    2. Define your Trello API key

    To begin the authentication process, you need an API key. Every Trello user is given an API key. You can retrieve your API key by logging into Trello and visiting
    Because the API key is tied to the user, it is often a good idea to create a Trello user specifically for building a single application or integration. This ensures that a third-party's integration is disassociated from a third-party integration's developer's Trello account. It's also suggested to define the API key in a separate file or in an environment variable.


    3. Show the Trello authentication screen

    The imported TrelloLogin component is just a React-Native WebView that will take care of showing and handling the Trello auth process.

    export default class TrelloLoginExample extends React.Component {
      handleLoginSuccess = trelloAuthToken => {
        // The user authenticated successfully.
        // From now on you'll be able to use the Trello APIs using `trelloAuthToken`
      handleLoginFailure = message => {
        // Handle the authentication failure (maybe by showing an alert?)
      render() {
        return (
          <View style={styles.container}>
              applicationName="React Native Trello Login Example"

    A complete example

    See the /example folder for a complete example (login + logout).

    Available props

    Name Type Default Description
    applicationName string REQUIRED The application name shown to the user in the login process
    debugEnabled bool false When true, shows a few useful console.debug logs during the login process
    onLoginFailure func REQUIRED Callback invoked on a failed login (callback parameter: error message)
    onLoginSuccess func REQUIRED Callback invoked on a successful login (callback parameter: auth token)
    trelloApiKey string REQUIRED The Trello API key
    style any null Style applied to the Trello login WebView

    Please notice that you can also provide any WebView prop.

    Useful resources


    npm i react-native-trello-login

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