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⚡️Super-fast Tree view with multi-selection capabilities, using checkboxes and search filtering.

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Expand/collapse demo Search demo Customization demo


Using yarn

yarn add react-native-tree-multi-select

using npm:

npm install react-native-tree-multi-select

Dependencies that need to be installed for this library to work:

  1. @shopify/flash-list
  2. react-native-paper
  3. react-native-vector-icons

Make sure to follow the native-related installation instructions for these dependencies.


import {
  type TreeNode,
  type TreeViewRef
} from 'react-native-tree-multi-select';

// Refer to the Properties table below or the example app for the TreeNode type
const myData: TreeNode[] = [...];

export function TreeViewUsageExample(){
  const treeViewRef = React.useRef<TreeViewRef | null>(null);
  // It's recommended to use debounce for the search function (refer to the example app)
  function triggerSearch(text: string){
    // Pass search text to the tree along with the keys on which search is to be done(optional)
    treeViewRef.current?.setSearchText(text, ["name"]);
  // Callback functions for check and expand state changes:
  const handleSelectionChange = (checkedIds: string[]) => {
    // NOTE: Do something with updated checkedIds here
  const handleExpanded = (expandedIds: string[]) => {
    // NOTE: Do something with updated expandedIds here

  // Expand collapse calls using ref
  const expandAllPress = () => treeViewRef.current?.expandAll?.();
  const collapseAllPress = () => treeViewRef.current?.collapseAll?.();

  // Multi-selection function calls using ref
  const onSelectAllPress = () => treeViewRef.current?.selectAll?.();
  const onUnselectAllPress = () => treeViewRef.current?.unselectAll?.();
  const onSelectAllFilteredPress = () => treeViewRef.current?.selectAllFiltered?.();
  const onUnselectAllFilteredPress = () => treeViewRef.current?.unselectAllFiltered?.();
    // ... Remember to keep a fixed height for the parent. Read Flash List docs to know why


Property Type Required Description
data TreeNode[] Yes An array of TreeNode objects
onCheck (checkedIds: string[]) => void No Callback when a checkbox is checked
onExpand (expandedIds: string[]) => void No Callback when a node is expanded
preselectedIds string[] No An array of ids that should be preselected
indentationMultiplier number No Indentation (marginStart) per level (defaults to 15)
treeFlashListProps TreeFlatListProps No Props for the flash list
checkBoxViewStyleProps BuiltInCheckBoxViewStyleProps No Props for the checkbox view
CheckboxComponent ComponentType<CheckBoxViewProps> No A custom checkbox component. Defaults to React Native Paper's Checkbox
ExpandCollapseIconComponent ComponentType<ExpandIconProps> No A custom expand/collapse icon component
ExpandCollapseTouchableComponent ComponentType<TouchableOpacityProps>
(React Native's TouchableOpacityProps)
No A custom expand/collapse touchable component
CustomNodeRowComponent React.ComponentType<NodeRowProps> No Custom row item component

ℹ️ If CustomNodeRowComponent is provided then below props are not applied:

  1. indentationMultiplier
  2. checkBoxViewStyleProps
  3. CheckboxComponent
  4. ExpandCollapseIconComponent
  5. ExpandCollapseTouchableComponent.

⚠️ If the tree view doesn't scroll if rendered in a complex nested scroll view/s then try setting the renderScrollComponent value in treeFlashListProps to ScrollView from react-native-gesture-handler.


Property Type Required Description
id string Yes Unique identifier for the node
name string Yes The display name of the node
children TreeNode[] No An array of child TreeNode objects
[key: string] any No Any additional properties for the node
(May be useful to perform search on)


Property Type Description
selectAll () => void Selects all nodes
unselectAll () => void Unselects all nodes
selectAllFiltered () => void Selects all filtered nodes
unselectAllFiltered () => void Unselects all filtered nodes
expandAll () => void Expands all nodes
collapseAll () => void Collapses all nodes
setSearchText (searchText: string, searchKeys?: string[]) => void Set the search text and optionally the search keys. Default search key is "name"

Recommended to call this inside a debounced function if you find any performance issue otherwise.


All properties of FlashListProps(from @shopify/flash-list) except for data and renderItem


Property Type Required Description
outermostParentViewStyle StyleProp<ViewStyle> No Optional style modifier for the outermost parent view.
checkboxParentViewStyle StyleProp<ViewStyle> No Optional style modifier for the checkbox parent view.
textTouchableStyle StyleProp<ViewStyle> No Optional style modifier for the text touchable style.
checkboxProps CheckboxProps No Optional props for the checkbox component.
textProps TextProps
(React Native)
No Optional props for the text component.


All properties of RNPaperCheckboxAndroidProps(from react-native-paper) except for onPress and status


Property Type Required Description
value CheckboxValueType Yes The current value of the checkbox
onValueChange (value: boolean) => void Yes Function to be called when the checkbox is pressed
text string Yes The display text besides the checkbox


Type: boolean OR "indeterminate"


Property Type Required Description
isExpanded boolean Yes Indicates if the icon is expanded


Property Type Required Description
node TreeNode Yes The node to be rendered
level number Yes The depth of the node in the tree
checkedValue CheckboxValueType Yes The current value of the checkbox
isExpanded boolean Yes Whether the node is expanded or not
onCheck () => void Yes Function to be called when the checkbox is pressed
onExpand () => void Yes Function to be called when the expand button is pressed

🙌 Planned features

  • [x] Row Item full-customization
  • [ ] Prop to set the maximum checked item limit
  • [ ] Prop to disable certain nodes from getting checked
  • [ ] Ref function to programatically expand/collapse a certain node
  • [ ] Ref function to programatically un/check a certain node
  • [ ] Ref function to auto-scroll to a certain node's position

If you do not see what you want in the planned feature list, raise a feature request.


See the contributing guide to learn how to contribute to the repository and the development workflow.



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