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This template is deprecated

React Native added first-class support for Typescript in version 0.71, with the base template now utilizing it. Additionally, the types have been integrated into the React Native repository. Although this template can still be used to generate projects with older versions of React Native, we will no longer update it. We would like to express our gratitude to all contributors for their efforts in enhancing this template over the years.

👾 React Native Template TypeScript

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Clean and minimalist React Native template for a quick start with TypeScript.


  • Elegant usage directly within the React Native CLI
  • Consistent with the default React Native template
  • Minimal additional dependencies

▶️ Usage

npx react-native init MyApp --template react-native-template-typescript@6.12.10

See the below table to find out which version of the template to use.

React Native <=> Template Version

React Native Template
0.70 6.12.*
0.69 6.11.*
0.68 6.10.*
0.67 6.9.*
0.66 6.8.*
0.65 6.7.*
0.64 6.6.*
0.63 6.5.*
0.62 6.4.*
0.61 6.3.*
0.60 6.2.*

⚠️ React Native CLI

This template only works with the new CLI. Make sure you have uninstalled the legacy react-native-cli first (npm uninstall -g react-native-cli) for the below command to work. If you wish to not use npx, you can also install the new CLI globally (npm i -g @react-native-community/cli or yarn global add @react-native-community/cli).

If you tried the above and still get the react-native-template-react- native-template-typescript: Not found error, please try adding the --ignore-existing flag to force npx to ignore any locally installed versions of the CLI and use the latest.

Further information can be found here:

💻 Contributing

Contributions are very welcome. Please check out the contributing document.

🔖 License

This project is MIT licensed.

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