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    React Native Template TypeScript Plus

    React Native TypeScript Template with Superpowers.


    • Elegant usage directly within the React Native CLI
    • TypeScript Configured for Type safety and great Developer experience.
    • Built-in dark mode that follows system preference (Experimental) or in app preference.
    • Persistent Global State Management with Mobx State Tree and Async Storage using MST Persistent Store
    • Splash Screen Configured using React Native Bootsplash
    • Preconfigured Navigation System using React Navigation
    • Deep Linking and Universal Linking Enabled
    • Absolute Import using ~/ prefix.
    • React Native Paper & Vector Icons Installed & Pre-configured.
    • Easy version management with React Native Version
    • Integrated README on the generated project!


    npx react-native init MyApp --template react-native-template-ts-plus

    Or use custom App Name and/or directory

    npx react-native init MyApp --title 'My App' --directory 'my-app' --template react-native-template-ts-plus

    Usage with older versions of React Native

    npx react-native init MyApp --template react-native-template-ts-plus@1.0.*

    See the below table to find out which version of the template to use.

    React Native <=> Template Version

    React Native Template
    0.68.1 3.0.*
    0.66.3 2.0.*
    0.64.2 1.1.*
    0.64.1 1.0.*



    fatal error: 'openssl/opensslv.h' file not found

    This should no longer happen on RN 0.68.1 and up (Template Version 3.0.0+).

    This seems to happen on APFS Case Sensitive Filesystems when Flipper is enabled.

    Solution 1 - Create Symbolic Links

    Thanks to felexx90 for providing this solution.

    Edit ios/Podfile and add the following lines inside post_install.

    post_install do |installer|
        # Fix OpenSSL-Universal on APFS Case Sensitive Filesystem
        system('cd Pods/Headers/Public; ln -s Protobuf protobuf')
        system('cd Pods/OpenSSL-Universal/Frameworks/OpenSSL.xcframework/ios-arm64_arm64e_armv7_armv7s; ln -sfh OpenSSL.framework openssl.framework')
        system('cd Pods/OpenSSL-Universal/Frameworks/OpenSSL.xcframework/ios-arm64_i386_x86_64-simulator; ln -sfh OpenSSL.framework openssl.framework')
        system('cd Pods/OpenSSL-Universal/Frameworks/OpenSSL.xcframework/ios-arm64_x86_64-maccatalyst; ln -sfh OpenSSL.framework openssl.framework')
        system('cd Pods/OpenSSL-Universal/Frameworks/OpenSSL.xcframework/macos-arm64_arm64e_x86_64; ln -sfh OpenSSL.framework openssl.framework')

    Now, reinstall pods.

    cd ios && pod install

    Solution 2 - Disable Flipper

    If you do not need flipper you can just disable it to fix this error.

    Edit ios/Podfile and comment out use_flipper!().

      # use_flipper!()

    Now, reinstall pods and update repo.

    cd ios && pod install --repo-update


    Contributions are very welcome. Please check out the contributing document.


    This project is MIT licensed.


    This repository and template is soft-forked from react-native-template-typescript .

    All integrated and pre-configured libraries are the hard work of their respective authors and contributors.

    The Awesome React Native Community


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