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    Stickyheader.js is a simple React Native library, enabling to create a fully custom header for your iOS and Android apps.



    Stickyheader.js ships with 3 different use cases for sticky headers and a possibility to create fully custom header!
    Tabbed Header Avatar Header Details Header
    Tabbed Header Gif Avatar Header Gif Details Header Gif

    In Use

    Check the live demo on Expo Snack here.

    Predefined headers can be accessed through headerType="HeaderName" property, each header can be configured according to your demands using the wide amount of properties. You can change all of them, or use it right out of the box with as little changes as possible to use it for your needs

    This is how you can add them in your app:

    import React from 'react'
    import StickyParallaxHeader from 'react-native-sticky-parallax-header'
    const TestScreen = () => (
        <StickyParallaxHeader headerType="TabbedHeader" />
        {/* <StickyParallaxHeader headerType="AvatarHeader" /> */}
        {/* <StickyParallaxHeader headerType="DetailsHeader" /> */}
    export default TestScreen

    Below are examples of those components and description of the props they are accepting.

    Shared props

    Tabbed Header, Details Header, Avatar Header

    Property Type Optional Default Description
    backgroundColor string Yes #1ca75d Header background color
    backgroundImage number Yes null Sets header background image
    bounces bool Yes true Bounces on swiping up
    contentContainerStyles Yes Set style for content container
    headerHeight number Yes ifIphoneX(92, constants.responsiveHeight(13))
    DEPRECATED_renderBody func Yes title => <RenderContent title={title} /> Function that renders body of the header (can be empty). Deprecated: use children instead
    children ReactElement Yes <RenderContent /> Renders body of header (can be empty). Replaces renderBody
    snapToEdge bool Yes true Boolean to fire the function for snap To Edge
    scrollRef func or object Yes null ScrollView body ref. Allows programmatically scroll body ScrollView
    keyboardShouldPersistTaps 'always', 'never', 'handled', false, true Yes undefined Determines when the keyboard should stay visible after a tap.
    refreshControl RefreshControl Yes undefined Props used to add pull to refresh functionality.
    decelerationRate number or string Yes "fast" Set the deceleration rate for the ScrollView.
    parallaxHeight number No - Set parallax header height
    foreground () => ReactElement No - Function that renders the foreground of the header
    headerSize func Yes - Get current size of header

    Details Header, Avatar Header

    Property Type Optional Default Description
    hasBorderRadius boolean No true Adds radius to header's right bottom border
    image ImageSourcePropType No require('../../assets/images/photosPortraitBrandon.png') Sets header image
    leftTopIcon ImageSourcePropType No require('../../assets/icons/iconCloseWhite.png') Set icon for left top button
    leftTopIconOnPress () => void No () => {} Define action on left top button press
    rightTopIcon ImageSourcePropType No require('../../assets/icons/Icon-Menu.png') Set icon for right top button
    rightTopIconOnPress () => void No () => {} Define action on right top button press

    Tabbed Header

    Tabbed Header Gif

    Property Type Optional Default Description
    foregroundImage oneOfType([object, number]) Yes Set image in the foreground
    header func Yes Function that renders custom header
    logo func Yes require('../../assets/images/logo.png') Set header logo
    logoStyle style Yes { height: 24, width: 142 } Set header logo style
    logoContainerStyle style Yes { width: '100%', paddingHorizontal: 24, paddingTop:{ ios: ifIphoneX(50, 40), android: 55 }), flexDirection: 'row', justifyContent: 'space-between', alignItems: 'center'} Set header logo container style
    logoResizeMode "contain", "cover", "stretch", "center", "repeat" Yes "contain" Set header logo resize mode
    onRef func Yes Reference callback. You can call goToPage(pageNumber) method through ref to programmatically navigate to given tab
    rememberTabScrollPosition bool Yes false When switching between tabs remember current scroll position
    scrollEvent func Yes Scroll event to apply custom animations
    tabs { content: ReactElement;title?: string;icon?: ReactElement | (isActive: boolean) => ReactElement); Yes [{title: 'Popular',content: <RenderContent title="Popular Quizes" />},...] Array with tabs names, icons and content
    tabTextStyle Yes {fontSize: 16, lineHeight: 20, paddingHorizontal: 12, paddingVertical: 8, color: colors.white} Set inactive tab style
    tabTextActiveStyle Yes {fontSize: 16, lineHeight: 20, paddingHorizontal: 12, paddingVertical: 8, color: colors.white} Set active tab stylee
    tabTextContainerStyle Yes {backgroundColor: colors.transparent, borderRadius: 18} Set inactive tab container style
    tabTextContainerActiveStyle Yes {backgroundColor: colors.darkMint} Set active tab container style
    tabWrapperStyle Yes {paddingVertical: 12} Set single tab container style
    tabsContainerStyle Yes Set whole tab bar container style
    title string Yes "Mornin' Mark! \nReady for a quiz?" Sets header title
    titleStyle Yes Set style for text in foreground

    Check how to customise Tabbed Header example

    Details Header

    Details Header Gif

    Property Type Required Default Description
    iconNumber number No 10 Set amount of cards shown on icon
    tag string No "Product Designer" Sets header tag name
    title string No "Design System" Sets header title
    transparentHeader boolean No false Set header transparency to render custom header

    Avatar Header

    Avatar Header Gif

    Property Type Optional Default Description
    header () => ReactElement No - Function that renders custom header
    scrollEvent (event: NativeSyntheticEvent<NativeScrollEvent>) => void No require('../../assets/icons/Icon-Menu.png') Scroll event to apply custom animations
    snapStartThreshold number No - Set start value Threshold of snap
    snapStopThreshold number No - Set stop value Threshold of snap
    snapValue number No - Set value where header is closed
    subtitle string No "Coffee buff. Web enthusiast. Unapologetic student. Gamer. Avid organizer." Sets description(subtitle) section
    title string No "Brandon Sets header title
    transparentHeader boolean No false Set header transparency to render custom header

    Custom Header

    Custom header props and example

    Handling StickyParallaxHeader body ScrollView reference

    As callback function

      scrollRef={(ref) => {
        paralaxScrollRef.current = ref;

    As useRef value

    const paralaxScrollRef = useRef(null);

    Handling nested scrollables

    Handling nested flatlist props and example

    Changing Statusbar style

    Changing StatusBar style

    Pull to refresh

    Pull to refresh

    Rendering icons in tabs

    Icons in tabs

    Getting Started



    For React Native >= 0.60.0 use version 0.0.60 and above, for previous React Native versions use 0.0.59

    Installation for React Native >= 0.60.0

    Add latest package version

    $ yarn add react-native-sticky-parallax-header

    Installation for React Native < 0.60.0

    Installation steps for React Native < 0.60.0


    Contributing guidelines



    The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.




    npm i react-native-sticky-parallax-header

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