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Drag drop capable wrapper of ListView for React Native. Allows for dragging and dropping of rows with automatic scrolling while dragging.

Add it to your project

  1. Run npm install react-native-sortable-listview --save
  2. import SortableListView from 'react-native-sortable-listview'


Basic usage

See example.


See Sortable.


SortableListView passes through all the standard ListView properties to ListView, except for dataSource. The renderRow method must render a component that forwards onLongPress and onPressOut methods to a Touchable* child component. Calling the onLongPress method will enable the drag and drop on the row and onPressOut will cancel it. You can also apply the default behaviour by spreading the sortHandlers prop (e.g. <TouchableHightlight {...this.props.sortHandlers} >..)

Property Type Description
onRowMoved Function should return a function that is passed a single object when a row is dropped. The object contains three properties from, to, and row. from and to are the order indexes being requested to move. row is all the info available about the row being dropped.
data Object Takes an object.
rowHasChanged Function Takes an function that is called to compare row data. It is passed the new row data and a shallow copy of the previous row data. This is necessary to define if row data is not immutible for row changes to correctly propagate, if your row data is immutable DO NOT DEFINE, see #28 for reasons why.
order Array (Optional) Expects an array of keys to determine the current order of rows.
sortRowStyle Object (Optional) Expects a style object, which is to be applied on the rows when they're being dragged.
disableSorting Boolean (Optional) When set to true, all sorting will be disabled, which will effectively make the SortableListView act like a normal ListView.
onMoveStart Function (Optional) Register a handler to be called when drag start.
onMoveEnd Function (Optional) Register a handler to be called when move is completed.
onRowActive Function (Optional) Register a handler to be called when row is activated, return a object contains three properties rowData, touch and layout. rowData is the data info of activated row, layout is the layout info of the activated row, touch is the nativeEvent of long press
onMoveCancel Function (Optional) Register a handler to be called when move is canceled, that is the row is activated on long press and then released without any move.
activeOpacity Number (Optional) Sets opacity of an active element. Default value: 0.2.
limitScrolling Boolean (Optional) When set to true, scrolling will be disabled when a row is active (sorting). Default is false.
moveOnPressIn Boolean (Optional) When set to true, longPress delay is eliminated. Default is false.
ListViewComponent _(Function) (Optional) A custom ListView component to be used instead of React-Native's ListView.
disableAnimatedScrolling Boolean (Optional) When set to true, scrolling will no longer animate. Default is false. Strongly recommend set it to true., see #97 for more context.


Name Description
scrollTo(...args) Scrolls to a given x, y offset, either immediately or with a smooth animation. See ScrollView's scrollTo method.


Before submitting a PR, please:

  1. Format your code by running npm run prettier.
  2. Test by running npm run test. (Currently this produces 2 warnings, no errors).
  3. Build the Sortable example app and test fully for regressions on both iOS and android.
  4. Describe your change in the Unreleased section of the Changelog.

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