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    A pure JavaScript <Slider> component for react-native. This is still very much a work in progress, ideas and contributions are very welcome.

    It is a drop-in replacement for Slider.


    npm i --save react-native-slider

    Note: I try to maintain backward compatibility of this component with previous versions of React Native, but due to the nature of the platform, and the existence of breaking changes between releases, it is possible that you need to use a specific version of this component to support the exact version of React Native you are using. See the following table:

    React Native version(s) Supporting react-native-slider version(s)
    <0.25.0 <0.7.0
    v0.25.x v0.7.x
    v0.26.0+ v0.8.x
    v0.43.0+ v0.10.x
    v0.44.0+ v0.11.x


    import React from "react";
    import Slider from "react-native-slider";
    import { AppRegistry, StyleSheet, View, Text } from "react-native";
    class SliderExample extends React.Component {
      state = {
        value: 0.2
      render() {
        return (
          <View style={styles.container}>
              onValueChange={value => this.setState({ value })}
              Value: {this.state.value}
    const styles = StyleSheet.create({
      container: {
        flex: 1,
        marginLeft: 10,
        marginRight: 10,
        alignItems: "stretch",
        justifyContent: "center"
    AppRegistry.registerComponent("SliderExample", () => SliderExample);

    Try this example live on Expo Snack.


    Prop Type Optional Default Description
    value number Yes 0 Initial value of the slider
    disabled bool Yes false If true the user won't be able to move the slider
    minimumValue number Yes 0 Initial minimum value of the slider
    maximumValue number Yes 1 Initial maximum value of the slider
    step number Yes 0 Step value of the slider. The value should be between 0 and maximumValue - minimumValue)
    minimumTrackTintColor string Yes '#3f3f3f' The color used for the track to the left of the button
    maximumTrackTintColor string Yes '#b3b3b3' The color used for the track to the right of the button
    thumbTintColor string Yes '#343434' The color used for the thumb
    thumbTouchSize object Yes {width: 40, height: 40} The size of the touch area that allows moving the thumb. The touch area has the same center as the visible thumb. This allows to have a visually small thumb while still allowing the user to move it easily.
    onValueChange function Yes Callback continuously called while the user is dragging the slider
    onSlidingStart function Yes Callback called when the user starts changing the value (e.g. when the slider is pressed)
    onSlidingComplete function Yes Callback called when the user finishes changing the value (e.g. when the slider is released)
    style style Yes The style applied to the slider container
    trackStyle style Yes The style applied to the track
    thumbStyle style Yes The style applied to the thumb
    thumbImage source Yes Sets an image for the thumb.
    debugTouchArea bool Yes false Set this to true to visually see the thumb touch rect in green.
    animateTransitions bool Yes false Set to true if you want to use the default 'spring' animation
    animationType string Yes 'timing' Set to 'spring' or 'timing' to use one of those two types of animations with the default animation properties.
    animationConfig object Yes undefined Used to configure the animation parameters. These are the same parameters in the Animated library.

    MIT Licensed


    npm i react-native-slider-v2

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