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    Originally branched from react-native-contacts-wrapper

    This is a simple wrapper for the native iOS and Android Contact Picker UIs, with some optional help for selecting specific fields from the contact.


    yarn add react-native-select-contact

    For React Native => 0.59 only:

    react-native link react-native-select-contact

    Make sure your manifest files includes permission to read contacts

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_CONTACTS" />



    selectContact(): Promise<Contact | null>;
    selectContactPhone(): Promise<ContactPhoneSelection | null>;
    selectContactEmail(): Promise<ContactEmailSelection | null>;
    selectContactPostalAddress(): Promise<ContactPostalAddressSelection | null>;

    These methods all open up a separate ViewController (on IOS) or Activity (on Android) to select a contact. See Types below.

    For selectContactPhone, selectContactEmail, or selectContactPostalAddress, if there are more than one phone or email, an ActionSheetIOS is shown for IOS, and the first entry is returned for Android.

    A return value null may be because the user cancelled the contact selection. You shouldn't need to worry about doing anything if the promise resolves to null.

    Optional Android ActionSheet

    You can enable ActionSheet functionality for Android by installing an optional dependency:

    yarn add react-native-action-sheet

    For React Native => 0.59 only:

    react-native link react-native-action-sheet

    This will provide an ActionSheetAndroid native module that this library will pick up on and use when there are more than one phone number or email on a selected contact.


    interface PhoneEntry {
        number: string,
        type: string
    interface EmailEntry {
        address: string,
        type: string
    interface AddressEntry {
        formattedAddress: string, // android only
        type: string, // android only
        street: string,
        city: string,
        state: string,
        postalCode: string,
        isoCountryCode: string
    interface Contact {
        name: string,
        phones: PhoneEntry[],
        emails: EmailEntry[],
        postalAddresses: AddressEntry[]
    interface ContactPhoneSelection {
        contact: Contact,
        selectedPhone: PhoneEntry
    interface ContactEmailSelection {
        contact: Contact,
        selectedEmail: EmailEntry
    interface ContactPostalAddressSelection {
        contact: Contact,
        selectedAddress: AddressEntry


    import { selectContactPhone } from 'react-native-select-contact';
    function getPhoneNumber() {
        return selectContactPhone()
            .then(selection => {
                if (!selection) {
                    return null;
                let { contact, selectedPhone } = selection;
                console.log(`Selected ${selectedPhone.type} phone number ${selectedPhone.number} from ${}`);
                return selectedPhone.number;


    npm i react-native-select-contact

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