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React Native (Web) component for particles backgrounds

This project refers to the source code of the Proton official website, I packaged it into a component. You can use it casually in your own projects. Thanks to the great author.

This is react-native and react-native-web version

You can also compare it with react-native-particles-webgl which based on memory leaking react-three-fiber.

A vue.js version of particles-bg-vue is here

Online demo


npm install react-native-particles-bg @flyskywhy/react-native-gcanvas

And follow the steps to install @flyskywhy/react-native-gcanvas.


import React, { Component } from 'react';

import ParticlesBg from 'react-native-particles-bg';

class Example extends Component {
  render () {
    return (
      <View style={{width: 360, height :700, flex: 1}}>
        <ParticlesBg type="circle" bg={true} />

On Web, you can also put <ParticlesBg/> after <TouchableOpacity/>, since need support Android, use above instead.

Parameter Description

<ParticlesBg color="#ff0000" num={200} type="circle" bg={true} />

* type - Is the type of particle animation

Is the type of particle animation, random is a random selection. You are also free to customize use custom.


* num - The number of particles emitted each time, generally not set

* color - The background color or particle color of the particle scene

Notice: which should be an array under type=color

* bg - Set to html background

Is set the following properties

position: "absolute",
zIndex: -1,
top: 0,
left: 0

About Custom

You can use type="custom" to achieve a higher degree of freedom for the particle background.

  let config = {
      num: [4, 7],
      rps: 0.1,
      radius: [5, 40],
      life: [1.5, 3],
      v: [2, 3],
      tha: [-40, 40],
      // body: "./img/icon.png", // Whether to render pictures
      // rotate: [0, 20],
      alpha: [0.6, 0],
      scale: [1, 0.1],
      position: "center", // all or center or {x:1,y:1,width:100,height:100}
      color: ["random", "#ff0000"],
      cross: "dead", // cross or bround
      random: 15,  // or null,
      g: 5,    // gravity
      // f: [2, -1], // force
      onParticleUpdate: (ctx, particle) => {
          ctx.rect(particle.p.x, particle.p.y, particle.radius * 2, particle.radius * 2);
          ctx.fillStyle = particle.color;

    return (
      <View style={{width: 360, height :700, flex: 1}}>
        <ParticlesBg type="custom" config={config} bg={true} />

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