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Note: Anyone using RN <=0.18 should use version 0.2.5


Pure JS react native slider component with one or two markers. Options to customise track, touch area and provide customer markers and callbacks for touch events and value changes.


Open iOS/Slider.xcodeproj with Xcode, then press Cmd + R; you may edit index.ios.js to try building your own custom sliders. Feel free to make a PR if you are particularly proud of your slider and want it to feature. (Shortcut npm run open:xcode)


Slider Examples

Getting Started


$ npm i react-native-multi-slider --save


Basic Setup & Values

Prop Default Type Description
values [0] array An array containing one or two values (determines one or two markers respectively) that are the initial marker values. Note these must be possible values from your set up.
min 0 number Slider min value corresponding to far left
max 10 number Slider max value corresponding to far right
step 1 number The step size between values. Make sure min max range is divisible by this to get expected results
optionsArray - array Array of values corresponding to the slider's position (left to right on slider index 0 to end respectively). Values of any type can be inserted and the slider will simply give them back in the callbacks

Event Callbacks

Prop Default Type Description
onValuesChangeStart console.log... function() Function to be called at beginning of press
onValuesChange console.log... function(valuesArray) Function called after every change in value, with current values passed in as an array.
onValuesChangeFinish console.log... function(valuesArray) Function called on end of press with final values passed in as an array

Slider Boundaries

Prop Default Type Description
sliderLength 280 number Width of track
touchDimensions { height: 30, width: 30, borderRadius: 15, slipDisplacement: 30 }, object Area to be touched, should enclose the whole marker. Will be automatically centered and contain the marker. Slip displacement If finger leaves the marker measures distance before responder cuts out and changes are no longer registered, if not given marker will be active until pressed released.
sliderOrientation horizontal horizontal or vertical TODO

Custom Style

Prop Default Type Description
containerStyle {height:30} object Style of sliders container, note be careful in applying styles that may affect the children's (i.e. the slider's) positioning
trackStyle { borderRadius: 7, height: 3.5 } object Customise the track
selectedStyle {backgroundColor: 'blue'} object Style for the track up to a single marker or between double markers
unselectedStyle {backgroundColor: 'grey'} object Style for remaining track
markerStyle { height:30, width: 30, borderRadius: 15, backgroundColor:'#E8E8E8', borderWidth: 0.5, borderColor: 'grey'} object Customise the marker's style
pressedMarkerStyle {backgroundColor:'#D3D3D3'} object Style to be given to marker when pressed

Questions & Suggestions

Feel free to create an issue x

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