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A react native component, easy, fully customizable, implementing the 'swipe down to close' feature.

Wanna implement IAP in your beautiful modal? 👇




npm install react-native-modalbox@latest --save


Check index.js in the Example folder.

Version note

react-native react-native-modalbox
<= 0.57 <= 1.6.0
>= 0.58 >= 1.6.1


Prop Default Type Description
isOpen false bool Open/close the modal, optional, you can use the open/close methods instead
isDisabled false bool Disable any action on the modal (open, close, swipe)
backdropPressToClose true bool Close the the modal by pressing on the backdrop
swipeToClose true bool Set to true to enable the swipe down to close feature
swipeThreshold 50 number The threshold to reach in pixels to close the modal
swipeArea - number The height in pixels of the swipeable area, window height by default
position center string Control the modal position using top or center or bottom
entry bottom string Control the modal entry position top or bottom
backdrop true bool Display a backdrop behind the modal
backdropOpacity 0.5 number Opacity of the backdrop
backdropColor black string backgroundColor of the backdrop
backdropContent null ReactElement Add an element in the backdrop (a close button for example)
animationDuration 400 number Duration of the animation
easing Easing.elastic(0.8) function Easing function applied to opening modal animation
backButtonClose false bool (Android only) Close modal when receiving back button event
startOpen false bool Allow modal to appear open without animation upon first mount
coverScreen false bool Will use RN Modal component to cover the entire screen wherever the modal is mounted in the component hierarchy
keyboardTopOffset ios:22, android:0 number This property prevent the modal to cover the ios status bar when the modal is scrolling up because the keyboard is opening
useNativeDriver true bool Enables the hardware acceleration to animate the modal. Please note that enabling this can cause some flashes in a weird way when animating


Prop Params Description
onClosed - When the modal is close and the animation is done
onOpened - When the modal is open and the animation is done
onClosingState state bool When the state of the swipe to close feature has changed (usefull to change the content of the modal, display a message for example)


These methods are optional, you can use the isOpen property instead

Prop Params Description
open - Open the modal
close - Close the modal

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