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React Native Ultimate Listview

This Library includes two components: UltimateListView and UltimateRefreshView

  • UltimateListView: A high performance FlatList providing customised pull-to-refresh | auto-pagination & infinite-scrolling | gridview layout | swipeable-row. The truly ultimate version that I have done the most tricky part for you, you can treat this module as an enhanced FlatList with all excellently extra features, comparing to the official version.
  • UltimateRefreshView: A refreshable ScrollView providing customised pull-to-refresh feature, which has already been using in the UltimateListView, but it can be used independently.

This module supports both of iOS and Android platforms.

All codes are written in ES6 syntax, and meet most rules of Eslint syntax

Quick installation

  • If on react-native < 0.43: yarn add react-native-ultimate-listview@3.0.2
  • If on react-native >= 0.43 yarn add react-native-ultimate-listview@latest

Know Issue (v3.3.0): On Android, if you are using CustomRefreshView, and the total hight of your first load data is less than your device height, then the RefreshView may still sticky on the top. However, if the data you loaded is beyond your screen, everything's fine. This issue only happen on Android, any PR is welcome.


iOS Android


import { UltimateListView, UltimateRefreshView } from 'react-native-ultimate-listview'
    <UltimateRefreshView onRefresh={this.onRefresh}>

       ref={ref => this.listView = ref}
       keyExtractor={(item, index) => `${index} - ${item}`} 
       refreshableMode="advanced" // basic or advanced
       item={this.renderItem} // this takes three params (item, index, separator)       
       arrowImageStyle={{ width: 20, height: 20, resizeMode: 'contain' }}/>

Or you can look through this link: Usage


Breaking Changes

  • Provide a new Component , which extends

  • Change import syntax to:

    import { UltimateListView, UltimateRefreshView } from 'react-native-ultimate-listview'


@gameboyVito -

  1. Fork this Repository, then run yarn or npm install in the root folder
  2. After modifying the code, in the root folder, run yarn eslint-fix or npm run eslint-fix
  3. Make sure your code satisfy the eslint rules, then commit and push your code
  4. Open your Github, create a pull request to me. I will review it ASAP, thanks a lot.

Why FlatList

I have found some articles to explain why you need to use FlatList, instead of the legacy ListView. There are some obvious reasons:

  1. FlatList just like the UICollectionView or RecyclerView, which can dramatically reduce memory usage. It also provides more soomth animation when you have an extremely long list.
  2. FlatList supports scrollToIndex function, which is pretty convenient when you want to scroll to an item with index, instead of depending the y-offset.
  3. FlatList recommend developer to use PureComponent to reduce unnecessary re-rendering, this can really boost the performance and make your app run faster.



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