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    React Native MapView component for iOS + Android


    MapView Events

    The <MapView /> component and its child components have several events that you can subscribe to. This example displays some of them in a log as a demonstration.

    Tracking Region / Location

    Programmatically Changing Region

    One can change the mapview's position using refs and component methods, or by passing in an updated region prop. The component methods will allow one to animate to a given position like the native API could.

    Arbitrary React Views as Markers

    Using the MapView with the Animated API

    The <MapView /> component can be made to work with the Animated API, having the entire region prop be declared as an animated value. This allows one to animate the zoom and position of the MapView along with other gestures, giving a nice feel.

    Further, Marker views can use the animated API to enhance the effect.

    Issue: Since android needs to render its marker views as a bitmap, the animations APIs may not be compatible with the Marker views. Not sure if this can be worked around yet or not.

    Polygon Creator

    Other Overlays

    So far, <Circle />, <Polygon />, and <Polyline /> are available to pass in as children to the <MapView /> component.

    Default Markers

    Default markers will be rendered unless a custom marker is specified. One can optionally adjust the color of the default marker by using the pinColor prop.

    Custom Callouts

    Callouts to markers can be completely arbitrary react views, similar to markers. As a result, they can be interacted with like any other view.

    Additionally, you can fall back to the standard behavior of just having a title/description through the <Marker />'s title and description props.

    Custom callout views can be the entire tooltip bubble, or just the content inside of the system default bubble.

    Image-based Markers

    Markers can be customized by just using images, and specified using the image prop.

    NOTE: this isn't implemented properly yet.

    Component API

    Using with the Animated API

    Remaining Issues

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    npm i react-native-mapview

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