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react-native-image-picker 🎆

A React Native module that allows you to select a photo/video from the device library or camera.

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yarn add react-native-image-picker

New Architecture

To take advantage of the new architecture run-


RCT_NEW_ARCH_ENABLED=1 npx pod-install ios


Set newArchEnabled to true inside android/

Pre-Fabric (AKA not using the new architecture)

npx pod-install ios

Post-install Steps


Add the appropriate keys to your Info.plist depending on your requirement:

Requirement Key
Select image/video from photos NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription
Capture Image NSCameraUsageDescription
Capture Video NSCameraUsageDescription & NSMicrophoneUsageDescription


No permissions required (saveToPhotos requires permission check).

Note: This library does not require Manifest.permission.CAMERA, if your app declares as using this permission in manifest then you have to obtain the permission before using launchCamera.

API Reference


import {launchCamera, launchImageLibrary} from 'react-native-image-picker';


Launch camera to take photo or video.

launchCamera(options?, callback);

// You can also use as a promise without 'callback':
const result = await launchCamera(options?);

See Options for further information on options.

The callback will be called with a response object, refer to The Response Object.


Launch gallery to pick image or video.

launchImageLibrary(options?, callback)

// You can also use as a promise without 'callback':
const result = await launchImageLibrary(options?);

See Options for further information on options.

The callback will be called with a response object, refer to The Response Object.


Option iOS Android Web Description
mediaType OK OK OK photo or video or mixed(launchCamera on Android does not support 'mixed'). Web only supports 'photo' for now.
maxWidth OK OK NO To resize the image.
maxHeight OK OK NO To resize the image.
videoQuality OK OK NO low, medium, or high on iOS, low or high on Android.
durationLimit OK OK NO Video max duration (in seconds).
quality OK OK NO 0 to 1, photos.
cameraType OK OK NO 'back' or 'front' (May not be supported in few android devices).
includeBase64 OK OK OK If true, creates base64 string of the image (Avoid using on large image files due to performance).
includeExtra OK OK NO If true, will include extra data which requires library permissions to be requested (i.e. exif data).
saveToPhotos OK OK NO (Boolean) Only for launchCamera, saves the image/video file captured to public photo.
selectionLimit OK OK OK Supports providing any integer value. Use 0 to allow any number of files on iOS version >= 14 & Android version >= 13. Default is 1.
presentationStyle OK NO NO Controls how the picker is presented. currentContext, pageSheet, fullScreen, formSheet, popover, overFullScreen, overCurrentContext. Default is currentContext.
formatAsMp4 OK NO NO Converts the selected video to MP4 (iOS Only).
assetRepresentationMode OK NO NO A mode that determines which representation to use if an asset contains more than one. Possible values: 'auto', 'current', 'compatible'. Default is 'auto'.

The Response Object

key iOS Android Web Description
didCancel OK OK OK true if the user cancelled the process
errorCode OK OK OK Check ErrorCode for all error codes
errorMessage OK OK OK Description of the error, use it for debug purpose only
assets OK OK OK Array of the selected media, refer to Asset Object

Asset Object

key iOS Android Web Photo/Video Requires Permissions Description
base64 OK OK OK PHOTO ONLY NO The base64 string of the image (photos only)
uri OK OK OK BOTH NO The file uri in app specific cache storage. Except when picking video from Android gallery where you will get read only content uri, to get file uri in this case copy the file to app specific storage using any react-native library. For web it uses the base64 as uri.
originalPath NO OK NO BOTH NO The original file path.
width OK OK OK BOTH NO Asset dimensions
height OK OK OK BOTH NO Asset dimensions
fileSize OK OK NO BOTH NO The file size
type OK OK NO BOTH NO The file type
fileName OK OK NO BOTH NO The file name
duration OK OK NO VIDEO ONLY NO The selected video duration in seconds
bitrate --- OK NO VIDEO ONLY NO The average bitrate (in bits/sec) of the selected video, if available. (Android only)
timestamp OK OK NO BOTH YES Timestamp of the asset. Only included if 'includeExtra' is true
id OK OK NO BOTH YES local identifier of the photo or video. On Android, this is the same as fileName

Note on file storage

Image/video captured via camera will be stored in temporary folder allowing it to be deleted any time, so don't expect it to persist. Use saveToPhotos: true (default is false) to save the file in the public photos. saveToPhotos requires WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission on Android 28 and below (The permission has to obtained by the App manually as the library does not handle that).

For web, this doesn't work.


Code Description
camera_unavailable Camera not available on device
permission Permission not satisfied
others Other errors (check errorMessage for description)



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