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    The GestureManager is a high level component meant to be rendered at the root of the app. Easily add handlers for any of the View gesture hooks. The motivation for making this was to have a high level component that could be used to close the keyboard when the user pressed outside an input.

    Note about using helpers

    There are some helpers isComponentInEvent and isInstanceInEvent that use internal React information to traverse the instances involved with a touch event. this is not stable and could break with each React Native upgrade, use them at your own risk. When using isComponentInEvent the component must have a displayName property in order to be able to identify it. If it does not you will get unexpected results.

    Running example

    git clone
    cd react-native-gesture-manager
    cd Example
    npm install
    react-native run-ios #or react-native run-android 


    npm install --save react-native-gesture-manager


    below shows how to close the keyboard any time the user presses outside an input element.

    import { TextInput } from 'react-native';
    import GestureManager, { isComponentTypeInEvent } from 'react-native-gesture-manager';
    const App = React.createClass({
        checkCloseKeyboard(e) {
            // if a TextInput is not in the hierarchy of the event, close the keyboard
            if (!isComponentTypeInEvent(e, TextInput)) {
        render() {
            return (
                <GestureManager style={styles.container}
                    <HomeScene />


    • GestureManager - Component for handling gestures

      • context.addGestureHandler(eventName, handler) - add a handler for a gesture event
      • context.removeGestureHandler(eventName, handler) - remove a handler
    • isInstanceInEvent(event, instanceContext) - check if a given component instance is present in the event hierarchy

    • isComponentInEvent(event, component) - check if a given component is in the event hierarchy (requires component.displayName to be present)

    • connectComponentToGesture(handlerMap)(Component) - wraps a component in a higher order component that provides addGestureHandler and removeGestureHandler on props. You can also pass in a map with keys of event names and values of handler functions or handler names. if the handler is a string it will look for a function set on the component by that name


    npm i react-native-gesture-manager

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