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React-native AutobahnJS

React-native AutobahnJS is based on AutobahnJS,implements the WAMP protocal in react-native environment.

WAMP provides asynchronous Remote Procedure Calls and Publish & Subscribe for applications in one protocol running over WebSocket.

AutobahnJS is part of the Autobahn project, MIT licensed, and full source code can be found on GitHub.

Code Example:

var autobahn = require('react-native-autobahnjs');
var WEBSOCKET_API_URL = 'wss://your-websocket/';
var FALLBACK_API_URL = 'https://your-fallback/';
var DOMAIN_PREFIX = 'http://your-domain-prefix';
var React = require('react-native');
var connection = new autobahn.Connection({
	transports: [{
		type: 'mobile', //type must be mobile in react-native
		fallback: FALLBACK_API_URL
connection.onopen = function (session) {
	//on open.
connection.onclose = function () {
	//on close.