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    A simple multi-select drop down, styles and some code shamelessly lifted from react-super-select (

    What is this repository for?

    • Quick summary I needed a drop down multi select that worked with react, and never grew in size. I did not need to show the selected items in the text I just needed to say how many were selected and move on.

    • Examples

        import {MultiList} from 'react-multi-dropdown'
        handleChange(selectedArray) {
            // do what you please with the array
        render() {
            let type = 'elemental'; // or bootstrap
            let values = [];
            let items = [{id: '123', text: 'this is an item'}];
            return (
                <MultiList type={type} initialValues={values} items={items} valueKey='id' labelKey='text' onChange={this.handleChange} />

    type = elemental or bootstrap if you use elemental you will be using items from a nice UI library for react elemental ( bootstrap will only use bootstrap items

    you will need the style.css file included, and if you use elemental you can use the elemental.css I have or generate the css from the less files in elemental

    There is a demo directory on github if you pull everything down npm pack cd demo npm install gulp

    there should be a window popped on your browser, click on the PageOne menu item at the top, the demo has a number of things I was playing with. It has routing and reflux setup with data stores.

    How do I get set up?

    npm install react-multi-dropdown


    npm i react-multi-dropdown

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