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A React library/plugin for creating highly customizable input sliders. Uses React-Motion for nice animations.


Make sure React and React-Motion are installed

  • npm install --save react
  • npm install --save react-motion

Install this library

  • npm install --save react-motion-slider-input

Link css to your project from lib/SliderInput.css and create your own styles. Please notice this css is here only for reference. It is highly recommended to create your own styles that match the design of the website or application you are building.


  • React.js (peer dependency)
  • React-Motion (peer dependency)
  • Immutable.js


import { SliderInput } from 'react-motion-slider-input';

... other code ...

render() {
  return (
    <SliderInput />


Name Type Default Description
orientation string horizontal toggle between horizontal and vertical orientation
step number 1 step size
min number 1 minimum value
max number 10 maximum value
value number 1 shorthand for setting up one handle with an initial value
range bool or string false shorthand for setting up a range, set true or below to generate range between min value and handle, set above to generate a range between handle and max value
steps bool or arrayOf(object) null set as true to generate steps of size step between values min and max, provide an array of objects of shape { label: string, id: string, value: number or string, className: string} to generate custom steps
handles arrayOf(object) null provide an array of objects of shape {value: number or string, id: string, label: string, className: string}
ranges arrayOf(object) null provide an array of objects of shape {id: string, label: string, fromHandle: number, className: string, includeHandles: bool}
onChange func undefined callback when value changes
onMove func undefined callback when handle is being moved
disabled bool false prevent moving any handles of the slider
className string null define a root class for the slider element for custom css styling
spring object { stiffness: 1000, damping: 40, precision: 0.01} override react-motion spring config
detailedValue bool false return a detailed data object in onChange for simple single-value sliders to enable consistent behaviour with complex sliders that return a detailed value automatically


See example folder.


Q: A slider plugin, U serious?

A: We figured world desperately needs yet another slider plugin. I mean, there are barely 5 for React already. That's way too few. Seriously though, this slider tries to provide some functionality that we felt is missing from the others.

Q: It looks ugly. Why?

A: The idea is to include as little forced styles as possible to make it possible for you to create your own styles.

Q: Why no tests?

A: No good reason, we should definitely have some before developing this thing any further.




npm i react-motion-slider-input

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