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A carefully crafted menu for React


$ npm install react-menus --save


The react-menus component is a context-menu like widget for React. It features smart positioning, overflow scrolling on too many menu items and smart submenu positioning.


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var items = [
        label: 'hello',
        onClick: function(itemProps, index, event) {
            console.log('well, hello')
    '-', //show separator
        label: 'hi'
        label: 'export',
        disabled: true
function onClick(event, props, index){
<Menu items={items} onClick={onClick}/>

For rendering separators, just use a '-' in the items array.


  • items: Object[]
  • onClick: Function(event, props, index) - Called on a click on a direct menu item. For clicks on menu items at any level of nesting, use onChildClick
  • onChildClick: Function(event, props) - Called when a menu item at any level of nesting was clicked
  • columns: String[] - defaults to ['label']

For every item in the items property, a row will be rendered, with all the columns specified in props.columns. Every column displays the value in item[<column_name>].

Every item can optionally have an onClick property, which is called when the item is clicked. (onClick: Function(event, itemProps, index)). Making an item disabled is done by specifying disabled: true on the item object.

  • expander: String/ReactElement - an expander tool to use when a menu item has other subitems. Defaults to the unicode arrow character .

Styling & advanced usage

By default, the react-menus component comes with built-in structural styles as well as with styles for a default nice theme. The specified theme is applied to menu items. If you don't want to render menu items with the default theme, just specify theme='' (or any falsy value).

var items = [ {label: 'Save', onClick: function(){} }, { label: 'Export'}]
<Menu theme='' items={items} />

Or you can specify your own theme for the button. The value for the theme property is just an object with different styles:

var theme = {
    style: { background: 'blue'},
    overStyle: { background: 'red', color: 'white'},
    activeStyle: { background: 'magenta'},
    expandedStyle: { background: 'magenta'},
    disabledStyle: {background: 'gray'}
<Menu theme={theme} items={items} />

Or you can specify a theme as string: 'default'. The 'default' theme is the only one built in.

<Menu theme='default' />

But you can add named themes:

var theme = require('react-menus').theme
theme.goldenTheme = { overStyle: {background: 'yellow'}}
<Menu theme='goldenTheme' />

For styling menu separators, set the desired style properties on

var Menu = require('react-menus')
var Separator = Menu.Separator = {
    background: 'red' //the color of the separator
Separator.size = 10 //will be 10 px in height

Style props

Styling menu items overrides theme styles.

  • itemStyle - style to be applied to menu items. Overrides

  • itemOverStyle - style to be applied to menu items on mouse over. Overrides theme.overStyle

  • itemActiveStyle - style to be applied to menu items on mouse down on the item. Overrides theme.activeStyle

  • itemExpandedStyle - style to be applied to menu items when the item is expanded. Overrides theme.expandedStyle

  • itemDisabledStyle - style to be applied to disabled menu items. Overrides theme.defaultStyle

  • cellStyle - style to be applied to menu item cells (expect the expander cell).


Menu scrolling is enabled by default (enableScroll: true). When you have too many items, and the menu is bigger than it's parent container, the menu shows a scrolling user interface.

Or you can specify a maxHeight property on the menu, and if that is exceeded, the menu is scrollable.

<Menu maxHeight={200} items={items}/>

Of course you can turn off scrolling with enableScroll: false

Smart submenus

Showing and hiding submenus is implemented with a smart algorithm, as described here. Also submenu positioning is made taking into account the available space. More documentation on this soon.



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