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    React Media Library

    This is a copy with improvements from the excelent plugin created by Richard1320.

    Have you ever worked with WordPress? If not, count your blessings. :)

    But seriously, using a CMS like WordPress does provide a lot of useful features. The feature I miss most as a MERN developer is the media library browser. All image fields are edited using a modal where you can select something previously uploaded or drag-and-drop new images from your file browser. React Media Library provides an image browser in React using React Bootstrap.

    Note: this only includes the UI; everybody's app is different so I can't write your API connections for you.

    Table of Contents


    Install it via npm in your project.

    npm install react-media-library-daniel-daleva --save


    This package only includes one component you should use: <ReactMediaLibrary />.

    Props List

    Prop Value Type Default Description
    show boolean N/A (Required) Shows and hides the modal. The on / off switch is controlled outside the app. Your app will have to inform React Media Library when to hide and when to show.
    onHide function N/A (Required) Callback function when the user clicks the close button. At the very least, this function should set the show prop to false.
    modalTitle string "Media Library" Title text that appears at the top of the modal.
    fileLibraryList array [] Array of files to display in the library tab. Each item in the array has to be of type FileLibraryListItem.
    libraryCardComponent React.FC FileLibraryCard Custom rendering component for the card in the library tab. See FileLibraryCard as an example.
    sortProperty "title", "createdAt", "size" or "fileName" "createdAt" Sorting property for files in the library.
    sortAscending boolean false Sort direction
    fileUploadCallback function N/A (Required) See fileUploadCallback
    fileSelectCallback function N/A (Required) See fileSelectCallback
    fileDeleteCallback function N/A See fileDeleteCallback



    Async callback function when the user chooses a file to upload. This is used for both the drag-and-drop as well as the browser file select. The first argument is the file base64 as a string. The second argument contains the FileMeta information. This promise should return true or false to let React Media Library know if the APIs successfully processed the file.

    import {FileMeta} from 'react-media-library-daniel-daleva';
    async function uploadCallback(fileBase64: string, fileMeta: FileMeta): Promise<boolean> {
        // Process the file data, send it to backend APIs, add it to the database, etc...
        // Also remember to update the fileLibraryList prop with a new list
        // Return true / false for react-media-library to display upload status
        return true; // If successful
        return false; // If failed


    Callback function when the user selects a file from the library. Returns FileLibraryListItem as the first argument.

    import {FileLibraryListItem} from 'react-media-library-daniel-daleva';
    function selectCallback(item: FileLibraryListItem) {
        // Use the file, put the file ID into your input field, etc


    Optional callback function when the user chooses a file and clicks the delete button. Delete button will appear beside the select button in the library tab, or will be hidden if this prop is not set. Returns FileLibraryListItem as the first argument.

    import {FileLibraryListItem} from 'react-media-library-daniel-daleva';
    function deleteCallback(item: FileLibraryListItem) {
        // Delete the data from your database
        // Also remember to update the fileLibraryList prop with a new list


    Note: All (more) interfaces are viewable in the /types directory of this package. Below are the main ones you will use.


    Property Type Description
    fileName string Filename of uploaded file.
    type string The ASCII-encoded string in lower case representing the media type. See File API Type
    size number The size of the byte sequence in number of bytes. See File API Size


    Property Type Description
    _id string / number Unique identifier for this item. Required to properly select the item in library tab.
    title string (optional) Displayed title on card in library tab.
    description string (optional) Displayed description on card in library tab.
    size number (optional) Displayed size on card in library tab.
    createdAt Date (optional) Displayed date on card in library tab.
    thumbnailUrl string (optional) URL for thumbnail to display image in library tab.
    fileName string (optional) Displayed filename on card in library tab.
    ??? any Any other properties you put in, you get back in the fileSelectCallback & fileDeleteCallback functions.


    import React, {useEffect, useState} from 'react';
    import {FileLibraryListItem, ReactMediaLibrary, FileMeta} from 'react-media-library-daniel-daleva';
    const ReactMediaLibraryWrapper: React.FC = () => {
        const [display, setDisplay] = useState<boolean>(false);
        const [fileLibraryList, setFileLibraryList] = useState<FileLibraryListItem[]>([]);
        const [isLoading, setIsLoading] = useState<boolean>(true);
        useEffect(() => {
            // TODO Get file list from database
                    "_id": 1,
                    "title": "Me and my dog",
                    "size": 294880,
                    "fileName": "img_3549.jpg",
                    "type": "image/jpeg",
                    "createdAt": new Date("2019-10-17T03:12:29.866Z"),
                    "thumbnailUrl": ""
                    "_id": 2,
                    "title": "2019 Summer Vacation",
                    "size": 864483,
                    "fileName": "201702.jpg",
                    "type": "image/jpeg",
                    "createdAt": new Date("2019-10-17T03:12:45.018Z"),
                    "thumbnailUrl": ""
                    "_id": 3,
                    "title": "Our new baby",
                    "size": 586458,
                    "fileName": "271092.jpg",
                    "type": "image/jpeg",
                    "createdAt": new Date("2019-10-17T03:19:33.498Z"),
                    "thumbnailUrl": ""
                    "_id": 4,
                    "title": "My new car",
                    "size": 894665,
                    "fileName": "photo-107.jpg",
                    "type": "image/jpeg",
                    "createdAt": new Date("2019-10-17T03:28:39.723Z"),
                    "thumbnailUrl": ""
            // After loading media data set loading to false;
        }, []);
        async function uploadCallback(fileBase64: string, fileMeta: FileMeta): Promise<boolean> {
            // TODO Upload file to backend APIs
            const result = await fileUpload(fileBase64, fileMeta);
            if (result.success) {
                // New file uploaded
                // TODO Reacquire new file list from database
                const newFileList = await getNewFileList();
                // Return true to display upload success in modal
                return true;
            } else {
                // Return false to display upload failed in modal
                return false;
        function selectCallback(item: FileLibraryListItem) {
            // Hide modal
            // TODO Pass selected file back to client component callback function
        async function deleteCallback(item: FileLibraryListItem) {
            // TODO Delete file from backend service
            const result = await fileDelete(item);
            if (result.success) {
                // Deleted file 
                // TODO Reacquire file list from database
                const newFileList = await getNewFileList();
        return (
                <button onClick={() => setDisplay(true)}>Open React Media Library</button>
                    loadingMessage="Carregando mídia..."
                    emptyMessage="Biblioteca está vazia"
                    onHide={() => setDisplay(false)}
    export default ReactMediaLibraryWrapper;


    Upload Tab

    Library Tab


    npm i react-media-library-daniel-daleva

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