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Modify based on react-lz-editor. Add an ordered list of unordered list and mixed, ordered and unordered list style selection.


An open source react rich-text editor ( mordern react editor includes media support such as texts, images, videos, audios, links etc. ), development based on Draft-Js and Ant-design, good support html, markdown, draft-raw mode. It's supports multiple languages well(English, Chinese and Russian for now) and welcome you add your language supports.

Live demo


Disabled media insert feature on demo page, because of there was no online API support for the time being, here is The server side API demo in java you may want.


npm install react-lz-editor --save
yarn add react-lz-editor

Version note: React 15.4.2+ and react-dom 15.4.2+ is required. Antd version at least from 2.8.3 in your project is recommended.



Usage & Examples

clicking to code example

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import LzEditor from './editor/index.jsx'
class Test extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      htmlContent: `<h1>Yankees, Peeking at the Red Sox, Will Soon Get an Eyeful</h1>
                <p>Whenever Girardi stole a glance, there was rarely any good news for the Yankees. While Girardi’s charges were clawing their way to a split of their four-game series against the formidable Indians, the Boston Red Sox were plowing past the rebuilding Chicago White Sox, sweeping four games at Fenway Park.</p>`,
      markdownContent: "## HEAD 2 \n markdown examples \n ``` welcome ```"
      responseList: []
  receiveHtml(content) {
    console.log("recieved HTML content", content);
  render() {
    let policy = "";
    const uploadProps = {
      action: "",
      onChange: this.onChange,
      listType: 'picture',
      fileList: this.state.responseList,
      data: (file) => {
      multiple: true,
      beforeUpload: this.beforeUpload,
      showUploadList: true
    return (
        <div>Editor demo 1 (use default html format ):
        <LzEditor active={true} importContent={this.state.htmlContent} cbReceiver={this.receiveHtml} uploadProps={uploadProps}
        <div>Editor demo 2 (use markdown format ):
  <Test/>, document.getElementById('test'));



props type default description
active bool false Is reloading content after changing
importContent string "" Editor content value, default to ""
lang string "" Editor using language, default to your browser language settings
cbReceiver function null Callback function, the changed value will be sent to its parameter.
undoRedo bool true Enabled undo and redo feature, default to true
removeStyle bool true Enabled remove style feature, default to true
pasteNoStyle bool true Enabled paste plan text feature, default to true
blockStyle bool true Enabled block style (H1,ol,pre etc.) feature, default to true
alignment bool true Enabled text alignment feature, default to true
inlineStyle bool true Enabled inline style (bold, italic, underline etc.) feature, default to true
color bool true Enabled color text feature, default to true
image bool true Enabled insert image feature, default to true
video bool true Enabled insert video feature, default to true
urls bool true Enabled add hyper link feature, default to true
autoSave bool true Enabled auto save to draft-box feature, default to true
fullScreen bool true Enabled full screen feature, default to true
convertFormat string "html" Set support format (html, markdown, raw), default to "html"
uploadProps object null Customize uploading settings. API: Antd.Upload