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    A super simple and minimal progress bar with optional spinner.

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    npm install react-loadbar --save


    import 'react-loadbar/dist/styles.css'
    import { LoadBar } from 'react-loadbar'
    class MyCmpt extends React.Component {
        state = { downloadProgress: 0 }
        _onVisibilityChange = isVisible => {
            if (isVisible) {
                console.log('load started!')
            } else {
                console.log('load complete!')
        render() {
            // All of these are optional except for percent
            return (
                <LoadBar percent={this.state.downloadProgress}
                         barStyle={{ background: 'slateblue' }}
                         spinnerStyle={{ borderColor: 'slateblue' }} />


    A simple, dumb component which simply displays the loading percent you provide to it.

    Prop Default Type Optional Description
    percent 1 number No Determines the width of the loading bar
    onVisibilityChange undefined (boolean) => void Yes Callback which receives true when the loading bar goes from hidden -> visible, and false when it goes from visible -> hidden
    barStyle {} Object Yes Style properties applied directly on the loading bar
    showSpinner true boolean Yes Visibility of the spinner
    spinnerStyle {} Object Yes Style properties applied directly on the spinner element
    import 'react-loadbar/dist/styles.css'
    import { SimulatedLoadBar } from 'react-loadbar'
    class MyCmpt extends React.Component {
        state = { isLoading: false, text: '' }
        _fetchData = async () => {
            try {
                this.setState({ isLoading: true })
                const res = await fetch('/api', { method: 'get' })
                this.setState({ text: await res.text() })
            } catch (err) {
            } finally {
                this.setState({ isLoading: false })
        componentDidMount() {
        render() {
            // All values are optional
            return (
                    <SimulatedLoadBar isLoading={this.state.isLoading}
                                      barStyle={{ background: 'slateblue' }} />


    A loading bar component based on LoadBar which simulates loading. Inherits the same set of props from LoadBar, but ignores the percent property. The SimulatedLoadBar controls the value of the percent prop internally.

    Prop Default Type Optional Description
    onPercentChange undefined (number) => void Yes Invoked at every tick of the simulated load when the internal value of percent changes
    timeMs 8000 number Yes Number of milliseconds it takes for the loading bar to reach 95%, at which point the bar animation stops indefinitely until the user sets isLoading to false
    numTicks 16 number Yes Number of ticks it takes for the internal percent value to reach 95%. This number is distributed evenly over the given timeMs so the time between each tick is roughly timeMs ÷ numTicks
    isLoading true boolean Yes If set to true, the loading simulation and animation will begin immediately. If set to false, the animation will fast forward to 100% and transition to being hidden


    All elements are easily targettable with CSS. To view the classes and base styles, see the source .scss file.


    (c) 2017 John Bernardo, MIT license.


    npm i react-loadbar

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