A versatile infinite scroll [React] component.


A versatile infinite scroll React component.

bower install react-list
# or
npm install react-list

A function that receives an index and a key and returns the content to be rendered for the item at that index.

A function that receives the rendered items and a ref. By default this element is just a <div>. Generally it only needs to be overriden for use in a <table> or other special case. NOTE: You must set ref={ref} on the component that contains the items so the correct item sizing calculations can be made.

The number of items in the list.

The number of items to batch up for new renders.

The number of pixels to ensure the bottom of the list is buffered with.

Has the same properties as List, but pageSize and threshold are ignored.

Check out the test file for examples of both the List and UniformList components.