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    Plugin for React-Leaflet to display locate control

    Thanks to on which this react plugin is 100% based on.




    yarn add react-leaflet-locate-control
    // Import the package
    import LocateControl from 'react-leaflet-locate-control'
    // Setup LocateControl options
    const locateOptions = {
      position: 'topright',
      strings: {
          title: 'Show me where I am, yo!'
      onActivate: () => {} // callback before engine starts retrieving locations
    // Inside your <Map> component add LocateControl
      <LocateControl options={locateOptions} startDirectly/>

    startDirectly : Instantly start the locate control


    Option Type Description Default
    position string Position of the control topleft
    layer ILayer The layer that the user's location should be drawn on. a new layer
    setView boolean or string Set the map view (zoom and pan) to the user's location as it updates. Options are false, 'once', 'always', and 'untilPan' untilPan
    flyTo boolean Smooth pan and zoom to the location of the marker. Only works in Leaflet 1.0+. false
    keepCurrentZoomLevel boolean Only pan when setting the view. false
    clickBehavior object What to do when the user clicks on the control. Has two options inView and outOfView. Possible values are stop and setView. {inView: 'stop', outOfView: 'setView'}
    returnToPrevBounds boolean If set, save the map bounds just before centering to the user's location. When control is disabled, set the view back to the bounds that were saved. false
    cacheLocation boolean Keep a cache of the location after the user deactivates the control. If set to false, the user has to wait until the locate API returns a new location before they see where they are again.
    drawCircle boolean If set, a circle that shows the location accuracy is drawn. true
    drawMarker boolean If set, the marker at the users' location is drawn. true
    markerClass class he class to be used to create the marker. L.CircleMarker
    circleStyle Path options Accuracy circle style properties. see code
    markerStyle Path options Inner marker style properties. Only works if your marker class supports setStyle. see code
    followCircleStyle Path options Changes to the accuracy circle while following. Only need to provide changes. {}
    followMarkerStyle Path options Changes to the inner marker while following. Only need to provide changes. {}
    icon string The CSS class for the icon. fa fa-map-marker
    iconLoading string The CSS class for the icon while loading. fa fa-spinner fa-spin
    iconElementTag string The element to be created for icons. span
    circlePadding array Padding around the accuracy circle. [0, 0]
    createButtonCallback function This callback can be used in case you would like to override button creation behavior. see code
    onLocationError function This even is called when the user's location is outside the bounds set on the map. see code
    onLocationOutsideMapBounds function Use metric units. see code
    showPopup boolean Display a pop-up when the user click on the inner marker. true
    strings object Strings used in the control. Options are title, metersUnit, feetUnit, popup, and outsideMapBoundsMsg see code
    locateOptions Locate options The default options passed to leaflets locate method. see code
    onActivate function Callback to add logic before the location engine starts working.

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    npm i react-leaflet-locate-control

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