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    This is a base implementation of wrapping jsplumb with react + redux to be more usable in a react based environment.


    npm install react-dag


      import {DAG} from 'react-dag';
      class MyComponent extends Component {
        render() {
          return (
            <DAG settings={this.settings}


    • settings - Settings to be used for JsPlumb. Check out dag-settings.js for base settings that are available. ###### Note The settings prop is like either or - Either you provide the entire settings for the DAG or take the base settings. I am still yet to work on how to achieve granularity (or mixin) multiple different settings.

    • data - Is the initial state of the DAG. Could be used to render the DAG right away if the data is already available (instead of constructing the DAG one node at a time).

    • enhancers - Are the list of enhancers you would want to add to the dag-store. To read more about enhancers please check the documentation here

    • additionalReducersMap - The DAG comes with a base reducer that does some base operations. If you want additional reducers to be used for any property of the store you could pass in the map and the reducers would get reduce'd (as in executed one at a time. Something like reduce reducer)

      For instance the store right now has a structure like,

      nodes: nodesReducer,
      connections: connectionsReducer,
      graph: graphReducer

      In addition to the the nodesReducer if there are additional reducers that you want to add then it could be passed in as something like this,

      nodes: [myReducer1, sometherReducer2]

      Based on the additional reducer the above implementation of redux store's reducer becomes,

      nodes: nodesReducers
              .reduce((prev, curr) => curr.bind(null, prev(state, action), action))(),
      connections: connectionsReducer
              .reduce((prev, curr) => curr.bind(null, prev(state, action), action))(),
      graph: graphReducer
              .reduce((prev, curr) => curr.bind(null, prev(state, action), action))(),

      ##### Note This is a little crude as of now. Will have to see if I can use this as a generic functionality for any store.

    • middlewares - Similar to additionalReducers you could pass in additional middlewares that you want to add based on your reducers.


    npm i react-jsplumb

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