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react-intl-phraseapp is the official library for integrating Phrase Strings In-Context Editor with react-intl in your React application.

📜 Documentation


To use react-intl-phraseapp with your application you have to:


You can find a demo project in the examples/demo folder, just run yarn && yarn start


via NPM

npm install react-intl-phraseapp

via Yarn

yarn add react-intl-phraseapp

Build from source

You can also build it directly from source to get the latest and greatest:

yarn dist


# install deps
yarn install


Add the following JavaScript snippet to your react app.

import {initializePhraseAppEditor} from 'react-intl-phraseapp'

let config = {
  projectId: '<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>',
  accountId: '<YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID>',
  phraseEnabled: true,
  prefix: "[[__",
  suffix: "__]]",
  fullReparse: true


You can find the Project-ID in the Project overview in the PhraseApp Translation Center. You can find the Account-ID in the Organization page in the PhraseApp Translation Center.

If this does not work for you, you can also integrate the JavaScript snippet manually.

To use the old version of ICE, use option useOldICE: true in your PHRASEAPP_CONFIG or integration options

let config = {
  projectId: '<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>',
  phraseEnabled: true,
  useOldICE: true,


Using the US Datacenter with ICE

In addition to the settings in your config, set the US datacenter to enable it working with the US endpoints.

  datacenter: 'us',

Import from react-intl-phraseapp rather than from react-intl

Find all available imports for react-intl by changing the source from react-intl to react-intl-phraseapp, such as FormattedMessage, useIntl, WrappedComponentProps, and injectIntl.

import { FormattedMessage } from 'react-intl-phraseapp' import { useIntl, WrappedComponentProps } from 'react-intl-phraseapp' import { injectIntl, WrappedComponentProps } from 'react-intl-phraseapp'

Browser support

This library might not work out of the box for some older browser or IE11. We recommend to add Babel to the build pipeline if those browser need to be supported.

How does it work

The library inherits common components of the react-intl packages. In case you enabled Phrase by calling initializePhraseAppEditor the behaviour of the components will be changed.


Run unit tests using jest:

npm test

✅ Commits & Pull Requests

We welcome anyone who wants to contribute to our codebase, so if you notice something, feel free to open a Pull Request! However, we ask that you please use the Conventional Commits specification for your commit messages and titles when opening a Pull Request.

Example: chore: Update README

❓ Issues, Questions, Support

Please use GitHub issues to share your problem, and we will do our best to answer any questions or to support you in finding a solution.

📝 Changelog

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the changelog.



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