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react-intl with rich text

What does this solve?

React-Intl's support for rich text ranges from pretty difficult to use, to completely impossible depending on your use case.

Existing solutions all have flaws:

  • FormattedHTMLMessage requires escaping variables (unsafe by default, escaping can be difficult) and only supports react-dom.
  • Injecting React Elements using FormattedMessage's values prop causes issues when the tag itself contains text that needs to be translated and becomes verbose very quickly
  • Markdown does not support custom React Elements (other than this, it's a pretty good solution).

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This library exposes a new FormattedXmlMessage component which fixes the flaws of FormattedHTMLMessage:

  • Injected variables are never parsed. Safe by default.
  • XML Tags can be mapped to React Components and React Elements.
  • It uses DOMParser instead of dangerouslySetInnerHTML, meaning it can be used in environments that do not support react-dom (as long as DOMParser is polyfilled).


npm i react-intl-formatted-xml-message

FormattedXmlMessage behaves like FormattedMessage with the following exceptions:

  • The message is parsed as XML
  • You can provide a list of React Components, React Elements, or other tag names (as strings) to replace XML tags present in your message using the tags prop.
    • If a React Element is provided, its props will be merged with the attributes of the XML Tag. The XML tag takes precedence if the same attribute/prop is provided on both.
    • If a React Component is provided, a React Element will be created using the component.
    • If a string is provided or if nothing is provided, the XML will be converted to React DOM elements.
import { FormattedXmlMessage } from 'react-intl-formatted-xml-message';
const messages = {
  tosLabel: {
    id: 'tos',
    defaultMessage: '<em>By using our services, you agree to our <tos-link to="/en/tos">Terms Of Service</tos-link></em>'
function TosLabel(props) {
  return (
        'tos-link': <a href="/tos" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" />,
ReactDomServer.renderToString(<TosLabel />);
// output:
// <span><em>By using our services, you agree to our <a to="/en/tos" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Terms Of Service</a></em></span>


This library requires the environment to provide the following in order to work:

Note: In order to avoid polluting the global scope on Node with DOM extensions, you can use setDomParserClass method to provide DOMParser without setting a global:

import { setDomParserClass } from 'react-intl-formatted-xml-message';
import { DOMParser } from 'xmldom';
import TosLabel from './TosLabel';
ReactDomServer.renderToString(<TosLabel />);




npm i react-intl-formatted-xml-message

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