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React Input Pin Code

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An accessible and simple pin input component built with styled-components for ReactJS.



Here to see documentation and examples.

Source code at


To get started, install and save in your package.json dependencies, run:

npm install react-input-pin-code styled-components


yarn add react-input-pin-code styled-components

Please note that styled-components is peer dependency.


You can use the following two ways to import module.

import { PinInput } from 'react-input-pin-code'; // ES Module
var PinInput = require('react-input-pin-code').PinInput; // CommonJS Module


Basic Example

import React from 'react';
import { PinInput } from 'react-input-pin-code';

export default () => {
  const [values, setValues] = React.useState(['', '', '']);

  return (
      onChange={(value, index, values) => setValues(values)}

Filling one character at a time for each input. When a character is entered, the focus transfers to the next input automatically in the sequence until all inputs are filled in. Here is the explanation of behavior below:

  • You can fill in only one character per input.
  • To overwrite the value of an input, you donʼt need to select the text in the input. If you type a digit while the input is focused, the input will update.
  • Pressing Backspace when it is empty in the input will move focus to the previous input (if any) and clear the value of.

Pin input length

PinInput expects an array of strings for the values prop. The number of input fields rendered is equal to the length of the array.

Passing id, className and name

You can pass id or name or containerClassName or inputClassName prop.ClassName and name will be shared amongst the inputs, which means they will each have their name set to this value, it is comfortable for the use of pseudo element in global.css file. id will append an index to any string you provide and pass to the corresponding input. For example, if you pass foo as id and bar as name and there are four inputs, the resulting ids are foo-0, foo-1, foo-2, and foo-3 and each input has the name bar.

Size of input

You can control the size of the inputs with the size prop. It comes in four sizes.

Variety Size Font Size
xs 1.5rem (24px) 0.75rem (12px)
sm 2rem (32px) 0.875rem (14px)
md 2.5rem (40px) 1rem (16px)
lg 3rem (48px) 1.125rem (18px)

Allowing alphanumeric input values

By default, the PinInput is passed number as type prop so it accepts only numeric values to show up. To add support for alphanumeric values, pass the type prop and set its value to either text or number.

Validate & Format

PinInput provides validate prop to specify native attribute pattern, which is a regular expression which the input's value must match in order for the value to pass constraint validation.

Format prop specify a pure function to transform raw input. For example, to set the values to upper case:

(char: string) => char.toUpperCase()

Valid & Invalid state

You can pass validate prop to validate input values, if value of the input doesn't match test, it will show error border instantly enter, while it will only show valid border after all inputs are filled in and pass validation.

You can disable this behavior by setting showState prop to false.

Adding mask

You can set mask prop to true to prevent from showing input values. It is equivalent to setting input native attribute type to password.

Disable focus management

By default, PinInput moves focus automatically to the next input once a field is filled. It also transfers focus to a previous input when Backspace is pressed with focus on an empty input.

To disable this behavior, set autoTab prop to false


PinInput offers a way let it focus from the start. Simply set autoFocus prop to true to focus the first input upon initial mounting of the component.

Once all inputs are filled in

PinInput provides onComplete event handler to access input values, unlike onChange, onComplete only triggers when all inputs are filled in.

NOTICE if you offer a list of allowed characters to validate prop, onComplete will trigger ony when all input values pass validation.

Changing the placeholder

By default, PinInput placeholder is (○), you can change that if you want.

AutoFill and Copy + Paste

Try copying & pasting 1234 into any of the inputs.

By default, you can only change one input at a time, but if one of the input field receives a longer string by pasting into it, PinInput attempts to validate the string and fill the other inputs.

Stateful (uncontrolled) Pin Input

There is also an uncontrolled version, StatefulPinInput, which manages its own state. The default input length for this component is four, but you can change that by passing number to length prop. Aslo you can pass initialValue as an initial value for StatefulPinInput.

import React from 'react';
import { StatefulPinInput } from 'react-input-pin-code';

export default () => {
  return <StatefulPinInput length={4} initialValue="1234" />;


PinInput Props

Name(*required) Type Default Description
aria-describedby string Sets aria-describedby attribute.
aria-label string "Please enter pin code" Sets aria-label attribute.
aria-labelledby string Sets aria-labelledby attribute.
autoComplete string "off" Determines if browser should provide value suggestions.
autoFocus boolean false If true the input will be focused on the first mount.
autoTab boolean true If true focus will move automatically to the next/previous input once filled or deleted
borderColor string rgb(204,204,204) Let you customize border color when the input is not focused.
errorBorderColor string rgb(220,53,69) Let you customize border color when the input is invalid.
focusBorderColor string rgb(13,110,253) Let you customize border color when the input is focused.
validBorderColor string rgb(25,135,84) Let you customize border color when the input is valid.
disabled boolean Renders component in disabled state.
format (char: string) => string Pure function to transform raw input.
id string Id attribute value to be added to the input element and as a label's for attribute value.
inputMode string This attribute allows a browser to display an appropriate virtual keyboard. (NOTE type prop will determine appropriate inputMode automatically. if you pass inputMode prop, it will override built-in inputMode.)
mask boolean false Prevent from showing the pin code
name string Name attribute.
onBlur (event: React.FocusEvent) => void Called the onBlur event triggers.
onChange (value: string | string[], index: number, values: string[]) => void Called when input value is changed.
onComplete (values: string[]) => void Called when all inputs are filled in and validated
onFocus (event: React.FocusEvent) => void Called the onFocus event triggers.
onKeyDown (event: React.KeyboardEvent) => void Called the onKeyDown event triggers.
placeholder string "o" Displayed when the pin code is not entered yet.
required boolean Renders component in required state.
showState boolean true Determine whether valid/invalid border shows up or not.
size "xs" | "sm" | "md" | "lg" "md" Renders component in provided size.
containerClassName string Lets you append custom class to container element.
containerStyle object {} Lets you customize container element.
inputClassName string Lets you append custom class to input element.
inputStyle object {} Lets you customize input element.
type "number" | "text" "number" The type of values the pin-input should allow
validate string | string[] | RegExp A regular expression which the input's value must match in order for the value to pass constraint validation.
values(*) string[] PinInput value attribute.

StatefulPinInput Props

Name Type Default Description
length number 4 The number of input fields.
initialValue string | string[] "" The initial value of the pin input.



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