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React component that draws a styled box over an image; react version of jquery-imgbox.

Project parts

This repo contains 2 projects:

  1. imgbox - NPM module
  2. NextJs - Demo application

Build and run locally

cd imgbox
yarn install
yarn run build
yarn link
cd ../next-app
yarn install
yarn link react-imgbox
yarn run dev

Then goto [http://localhost:3000/]


ImgBox uses coordinates bases on the real size of the src image to draw a box over the same area no matter the size of the picture. There is an edit option for you to draw the box yourself and save the coordinates for latter.

See the demo page for examples.

This plugin can be used as a drop in replacement for <img> tag and will behave similarly.


  1. ReactJs 18


After gzip compression react-imgbox.babel.min.js is 3.2K.


Passing props

What I think is a default may not be a default for others so props may be passed as props or as part of a props.defaultSettings.

<ImgBox src="/img/pic.jpg" x="20" y="30" w="50" h="75"
    debug: true,
    name: 'my pic',
    markStyle: {
        border: '10px outset white'

is equivlient to

<ImgBox debug={true} name="my pic" markStyle={{border: '10px outset white'}}
        src: "/img/pic.jpg",
        x: 20,
        y: 30,
        w: 50,
        h: 75

Coordinate system

The coordinate numbers are pixels across the original image. Coordinate may be passed in 2 forms:

  1. x,y with width (w) and height (h)
  2. x,y with x2, y2
  3. If you include w,h,x2,y2 they should be internally consistant as x2,y2 will take priority. x and y are effectiviely left and top and the other 2 forms are positive numbers.


If edit is false, then the component is read-only and the marker may only be changed via props. If edit is true, then click to start drawing and click again to stop drawing. saveBox will be called and passed an object containing x, y, x2, y2, w and h. After editing has finished the marker will return to the props position. So if you want the changes to be permanant you must update the props to reflect the new state.

const [coords, setCoords] = useState({{x: 10, y: 10, x2: 20, y2: 20}})

return <ImgBox x={coords.x} .... edit={true} saveBox={(newCoords) => setCoords(newCoords)}>


Here's the list of available settings.


To be used in IMG tags.

Attribute Type Default Description
id string null Proxied to underlining <img> tag.
className string null, space separated list of class names Proxied to underlining <img> tag.
src string null Proxied to underlining <img> tag.
alt string '' Proxied to underlining <img> tag.
onClick (e) => {} null Proxied to underlining <img> tag, except when edit=true.
onMouseMove (e) => {} null Proxied to underlining <img> tag.
x number undefined Start CSS left (pixels)
y number undefined Start CSS top (pixels)
x2 number undefined End CSS left (pixels)
y2 number undefined End CSS top (pixels)
w number undefined CSS width (pixels)
h number undefined CSS height (pixels)
defaultSettings object see Passing Props section
debug boolean false Switch on logging to the console
name string '' used component debug
markStyle object {} CSS Style of marker
markClass string '' CSS class to describe mark
edit boolean false Click on image to start drawing
saveBox (coord) => {} Stub implementation


LICENCE Copyright (c) 2024 David Newcomb

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