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    React Iframe

    Simple React component for including an iframed page.

    Youtube in an iframe

    The component is fully typescript-supported.


    import Iframe from 'react-iframe'
    <Iframe url=""


    url (required) - string the iframe url.

    all other attributes are optional

    src - string if set, overrides url.

    scrolling - string not set if if not provided (deprecated in HTML5).

    overflow - string default to "hidden".

    loading - string (not added to DOM if not provided).

    frameBorder - number default to "0" (deprecated in HTML5).

    position - string (not added to DOM if not provided).

    id - string if set, adds the id parameter with the given value.

    className - string if set, adds the class parameter with the given value.

    display - string defaults to "block"

    height - string (1px > any number above 0, or 1% to 100%)

    width - string (1px > any number above 0, or 1% to 100%)

    allowFullScreen - if set, applies the allowFullScreen param (deprecated in HTML5). If set, adds allow="fullscreen".

    sandbox - add optional sandbox values ("allow-forms allow-pointer-lock allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-top-navigation")

    allow - add optional allow values ("geolocation microphone camera midi encrypted-media & more")

    styles - add any additional styles here. Will (intentionally) override any of the props above. For instance:

    <Iframe url=""
                styles={{height: "25px"}}/>

    will set the height to 25px even though it was specified as 100% in the props.

    A comprehensive overview of the iframe element is available from the MDN web docs.


    All source code resides in the src/ folder. The other code paths are generated by the tsc compiler.

    When to use

    This project provides a convenient TypeScript-enabled wrapper around the native HTML


    npm i react-iframe

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