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React Iconoteka

Is a React wrapper to use the iconoteka icons library, imported them from the SVG, converted to React components with svgr and then some quick magic to make it quite dynamic.

As simple as install the library

npm install react-iconoteka

and then just import the Icon component and set the name of the icon you wan to use

    import { Icon } from 'react-iconoteka'
    <Icon name="AddDocumentLightFill" />

It has the props types defined like this:

  className?: string;
  stroke: 'light' | 'regular' | 'medium' | 'bold';
  type: 'fill' | 'line';
  height?: number;
  width?: number;
  color?: string;

Use the svgr script from the package.json to create the React components from the SVG files in assets/icons. It uses the template already defined within components/Icon. After create the react components run the get-names script from package.json to strip the Iconoteka from the created components and create all the simple icon names type.

TODO: [X] Reduce icons files to use only simple icon (Fill or Line) nad set the stroke value by SVG values [ ] Add default imports for Different icon if user prefer to just import the Icon directly [X] Improve typings of the dist Story


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npm i react-iconoteka

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