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    React wrapper for the icofont project from JoomShaper


    A React wrapper for the icofont project It renders a <i> tag with icofont classes (like how you'd usually use it). No extra configuration required.


    React and Webpack. Obviously.

    How to use:

    Install it with npm:

    npm install --save react-icofont 

    Include in your component:

    import Icofont from 'react-icofont';

    Use it in JSX:

    <Icofont icon="bell"/>

    Icofont supports Rotate, flip and size classes. In this component you can pass those values with props:

    <Icofont icon="key" rotate="270" flip="h" size="10"/>

    Supported values for the props are given below :

    icon (Required):

    Any valid icon name from the icofont website ( Guess what, if you copy the class name that includes the prefix (icofont-), it will also work fine.

    rotate (Optional):

    Currently rotate angles 90,180,270 values are supported. The rotate angle values are in degree.

    flip (Optional):

    horizontal or h and vertical or v. You can also do, flip="h v" or flip="horizontal vertical" for flipping both horizontally and vertically.

    size (Optional):

    Size can have value from 1 to 10. For example, setting size="2" will make the icon twice as big.

    spin (Optional):

    Spin can have boolean value like 1/0 or true/false or even TRUE/FALSE. In the case of true value, the icon will spin endlessly. You can spin any icon:

    <Icofont icon="spinner" size="3" spin="true"/>

    You can read more about these here:

    Standard Props Support:

    All standard props like style, onClick are supported. if you use className prop. The provided classes will be appended with the icofont classes.


    This project, like the icofont project, is released under the MIT License




    npm i react-icofont

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